Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hot Teen

Being a business manager, thirty-five-year-old Mike felt he was fairly well-prepared to cope with most things. However, taking care of his rather petulant niece was proving to be a bit of a challenge.

Mike was a single-parent. His wife had walked out five-years ago, but Mike had not been too distressed; he and his wife had talked very little and had sex even less often in the year of their marriage. When she had gone off with an old flame and moved overseas, Mike had simply divorced her and taken custody of his daughter, Paula. It had been difficult at first because his daughter had only been nine-years of age, but now Paula was in her teens she was pretty much able to take care of herself, and so Mike was finding things easier to cope with.

However, a couple of months ago, in June, Mike had taken charge of his niece, Katie.

Mike yanked his shoes off as he entered his house. It was Friday evening and he was tired, but looking forwards to a nice weekend of relaxing. Or, at least, as much relaxing as he could manage.

"Hi dad," Paula smiled as she strolled downstairs.

"Hi honey," Mike replied, "What do you fancy for dinner?"

"It's okay, I'll make it," Paula chirped, "You go and relax."

"Oh, okay," Mike smiled. He decided to do just that.

Paula strolled down the hallway to the kitchen. She was fourteen-years-old, an attractive girl on the verge of womanhood. She was five-foot-five, had very long, straight golden blonde hair and big blue eyes.

Mike was mildly puzzled that Paula looked slightly dishevelled, her hair somewhat messy and her white T-shirt only half tucked-in to her jeans. She was wearing odd socks too; one white, one pink. Mike figured that perhaps she had been in the bath, although he didn't notice that she appeared damp in anyway.

Mike strolled upstairs, and at the top he ecountered his niece, Katie, who also had a slightly dishevelled look. Not that this was particularly suspicius; Katie always looked rather scruffy.

Katie had just turned thirteen, and though a good girl at heart she was a bit of a tearaway at times. She was small, five-foot-nothing, and very petite, but she was quite headstrong and sometimes a bit wild. Her short brown hair gave her a slightly boyish look, although she couldn't really pass for a tomboy as she had a very feminine and pretty face; big brown eyes, rosy-red cheeks, a dainty button-nose and a cute little smile that invariably seemed to be hiding naughty thoughts.

Katie currently wore a red T-shirt that hugged her budding round breasts, and it ended just above her naval so that most of her flat belly was visible. Her blue jeans were low-slung and pelvic bones actually peaked over the waistline.

"Hi Katie, what you up to?" Mike asked his niece.

"Nothin'" Katie replied, all innocent, "How was work?"

"Oh, fine. Nothing too exciting."

Mike briefly glanced down at Katie's belly as the girl stood there before him. His eyes flicked across her flat pale abdomen, and Katie hooked her thumbs in her jeans pockets and slighty tugged down, so that her already low-slung jeans slipped down a further few millimetres, the top of her white knickers now peaking over her jean's waistline.

Did she do that on purpose? Mike thought. Katie had a habit of dressing somewhat sluttishly and he was trying to avoid the bizarre conclusion that she was somehow doing it for his benefit.

"Katie," Mike said, trying to sound stern as he tore his eyes from the girl's pale little belly and looked back up into her big mischievous brown eyes, "I don't really like you dressing like that."

"Like what?" Katie gasped, a who-me? look on her pretty face.

"With your jeans practically down," Mike told her. He'd had this conversation with her last week and found that Katie had only seemed to dress more sluttishly since then! "You certainly shouldn't go out like that with your...knickers practially hanging out your jeans."

"Oh, it's all the rage this way of dressing," Katie simpered, "Women these days all dress like this with their bellies and a hint of underwear showing. Nothing wrong with displaying a bit of flesh! After all, it's not the Victorian Era where we women have to wear great long dresses to hide our sinful looking flesh."

"Women may dress like that, but you're not a woman Katie, you're a thirteen-year-old girl."

"You can't tell me what to do," Katie declared, "you're not my dad, you're my uncle. Mums and dads can tell their kids off, but uncles are meant to spoil their nieces and let them get away with murder."

"Well, you're staying with me now Katie, and I've got responsibility for you. I'm not sure if your parents would like you strutting around dressed, um....inappropriately."

"Okay Uncle Mike," sighed Katie, petulantly, and she grabbed the waistline of her jeans and tugged them up a bit. She gave a naughty grin then sauntered past her Uncle.

"I'm going to help Paula with dinner," she said, "I'll buy a Hijab and veil tomorrow, like those Moslem women wear in Iran, so only my eyes will be visible."

"Okay," Mike said with a sigh, after which he couldn't help but grin. Although Katie did try his patience, her cheekiness often amused him.

Katie scampered downstairs, leaving Mike to wish Katie was more like his daughter. Paula was a very responsible and sweet girl, having had to mature quickly since the absence of her mother. Katie, however, was a rather spoiled girl. Like Paula, Katie was an only child and as her father was pretty rich and her mother quite laid-back she was rather used to getting her own way. Evidently, Mike thought, Katie was intent on testing how far she could push her Uncle Mike.

Katie's mother, Julia, was Mike's sister. Julia and her husband Donald were spending a year in Singapore due to Donald's work. They had asked Katie to come along with them, but Katie had not been keen on the idea as she did not want to be away from her friends. So Julia had asked Mike to take care of Katie for the year and Mike had agreed. It did make sense as Katie and Paula got on very well together and had always been close, and also Mike and his sister lived in the same neighbourhood so Katie would still be able to go to the same school whilst her parents were overseas for twelve-months.

Mike went into the bathroom and undressed before hopping into the shower. He had a hard-on, his eight-inch cock throbbing stiffly as he stood soaping himself down. He was feeling guilty these days because he kept spring hard-ons all the time, like a horny teenager. He knew it was mostly because of Katie, that his frequent horniness was thanks to his precocious niece and her skimpy clothes. He knew it was wrong but he just couldn't ignore the way the girl's budding breasts were usually being tightly hugged by a T-shirt, her apparant aversion to bras meaning her nipples were usually easy to make out. She nearly always wore low-slung jeans so that, when she bent over, her arse-crack and knickers were visible, and Mike couldn't take his eyes off of her flat little belly when she wore skimpy cropped T-shirts.

As he often did, Mike promised himself he would get out and get himself a woman some day.

Mike had always had a high sex-drive. He'd been fantasizing about sex even as a kid and had started jacking off when he was only eleven. At twelve he had regularly spied on his older sister, Julia, who was four-years his senior, whilst she undressed for a shower. There was a keyhole in the bathroom door and he would jerk off quietly with his eye to the hole, the guilty feelings that assailed him after these antics never preventing him from repeating it. At thirteen he had shop-lifted a porn magazine from a newsagents and had jerked off over it so much that even to this day he recalled every single photograph within it's sordid pages. At fourteen Mike had talked one of his sister's friends, a chubby girl of nineteen, into giving him a blowjob whilst she babysat him, and at fifteen he lost his virginity to his first girlfriend. When that girl had broke up with him after a few months, Mike had dated a girl at school named Janice.

Although Janice was not terribly pretty - she had greasy hair, spots and thick round glasses - the sixteen-year-old at least had a fairly nice body - slim, firm arse, big wobbly tits - and best of all she was rumoured to be a real slut! These rumours, to Mike's delight, turned out to be true. Janice was a wanton bitch who liked sex more than anything and would much rather be rampantly fucked than go out to a movie or something. With her parents nearly always out, Janice would invite Mike over several times a week for some damn fine sex. During one hot session, Mike had asked Janice if he could fuck her up the arse. He had initially thought Janice would be horrified at the suggestion, but instead she had obligingly got down on all fours, presented her anus and squealed with whorish glee when Mike had slid his greased cock into her tight rectum. Mike once asked Janice if he could give her a facial; she had closed her eyes, opened her mouth and eagerly showered in the rain of gooey cum Mike promptly unloaded on her spotty face. Another time he had asked Janice if she fancied indulging in a bit of watersports, and once again she had been more than happy to comply. Within minutes they were in the bathroom emptying their bladders on one another, Janice pissing on Mike's pulsing teen cock, after which he peed all over her face and tits before giving her one up the shitter on the cold tiled floor.

Janice had seriously been great fun! There was nothing that slut wouldn't do.

When he was eighteen and had left home, Mike had gone to Amsterdam with some friends and they had all gone to a brothel, and Mike had enjoyed it so much he went again on his own the following year and spent a lot of cash indulging in some serious depravity. When he was twenty he had met his wife, Lynn, and they'd married the following year when Lynn became pregnant with Paula.

Despite the rather abrupt end to his marriage to Lynn, Mike nonetheless still thought of his ex-wife with some fondness. They'd truly been in love at first, and with the exception of their final year together, they'd had a pretty energetic sex-life.

Since his divorce five-years ago, Mike had not had sex once. Not once! He knew he would need to get laid again some day. He could leave Katie and Paula on their own for the evening whilst he went in town to go cruising for some ladies. He figured he shouldn't have too much difficulty finding a woman for a one-night-stand. After all, he was a good looking guy, six-foot-tall, slim and with short blonde hair and big blue eyes. He knew he'd be able to get some ladies! The problem was, he wasn't sure if he could leave the girls on their own overnight. He knew Paula was to be trusted, but he was certain his mischievous niece would get up to something, like host a teenaged party, and furthermore he knew that Paula, being a trusting and easily-led girl, would go along with whatever wild antics Katie got up to.

Mike jacked off in the shower, trying to think of young ladies other than Katie whilst he pumped away. He completely failed and soon he was thinking of the time last week when he'd seen Katie and Paula both sunbathing in the garden wearing skimpy two-piece bikinis. His cock exploded in his fist as he recalled the way his pubescent niece and daughter's bodies had glistened in the sun.

After getting out the shower he dried himself off and dressed.

The three of them all sat round the dinner table later. Mike sat at the head of the table and he and Paula listened to Katie talk a million-words-a-minute about seemingly nothing. She explained why she had recently stopped liking a boy-band, listed her least favourite teachers at school, explained why Maths was the most pointless and stupid subject in the world "because we have calculators" and spread some scandalous gossip about one of her classmates. She barely acknowledged her Uncle Mike's admonitions not to talk with her mouth full.

Paula cleared up all the dishes after them. Since her mother had departed, Paula had proudly taken on the role of a kind of mother-figure, doing the housework and cooking and taking the pressure off of her hardworking father. Katie wasn't quite as keen on helping out with chores, but Mike had managed to vaguely domesticate her. At least she no longer licked her plates clean.

Mike spent the evening watching a bit of television with a glass of wine. He sat in his armchair whilst Katie and Paula knelt on the floor in front of him, facing away and doing their schoolwork. Or at least, Paula was doing her schoolwork; Katie tended to chatter on and was constantly distracted by the television. The girls were kneeling down and leaning forwards over their text-books, and Mike got a stiffie as he saw that Katie's jeans were slipping down her arse as she hunched over her books, her white thong riding high and showing the 'whale tail'. Paula's jeans weren't as low slung as Katie's, but nonetheless, when the blonde girl did lean over, the top of her pink knickers did peek over the back of her jeans. Mike tried not to pay too much attention to Paula; he was barely comfortable as it was perving at his niece, let alone his daughter! Yet he still felt drawn to eye up her fine arse.

When Mike finally went to bed at midnight, an hour after the girls had retired, he was feeling horny. He jacked himself off in bed and wondered whether it was a blessing or a curse to have Katie around, making him constantly aroused. He was also beginning to realise that Katie sometimes flirted with him. It was very subtle, and he may have just been imagining it, but nonetheless the girl did seem a bit flirtacious with him. He tried to imagine that it was just the way the little minx was with all males.

The following morning, Saturday, Mike woke up at eight o'clock. He had a pounding erection as he lay under the covers and he contemplated jacking off. However, he felt a little despondent, as he often did when he felt horny. After all, he was a grown man, and a handsome eligible one at that; he shouldn't be wanking off in bed alone like an anti-social teenager.

He sighed as he contemplated the fact that it an attempt to get a love-life was long overdue. He lost his erection and decided to just get up. He put on jeans and a T-shirt and stepped out the room.

Just as he stepped into the hallway, he saw Katie stepping out of the bathroom. She was wearing what initially appeared to be a nightshirt, but it was in fact just a white T-shirt. It reached down to her upper-thighs, but it was slim fitting and hugged her titties, her dark nipples visible through the thin cotton.

"Morning Uncle Mike," the brunette teenager chirped.

"Hi Katie," Mike smiled, trying to resist glancing down at his niece's exposed legs. He failed and got a glimpse of those slender toned limbs and her cute bare feet.

Katie turned and strolled through the open door to her bedroom. Before she closed the door, she reached behind herself and scratched her left bum-cheek, in doing so raising the hem of her T-shirt a little and flashing half of the firm pale buttock at Mike. Then she was gone, her door shut.

Mike had naturally glanced down when Katie had scratched her butt, and he began to get an erection again. Once more he he found couldn't just pass the little incident off as mere coincidence; he was sure that precocious minx did things like that deliberately.

He went into the bathroom, had a piss and then showered. He made up his mind to head into town and look around for some clubs that he would get round to going to some evening. He also just felt like a drive, getting out the house for a while and clearing his head.

When he got out he dressed and went downstairs. Katie was in the living room, wearing a dressing gown and munching toast, spraying crumbs all over the sofa in the process.

"I'm off out into town," Mike told her, "You and Paula will be okay on your own won't you?"

"Sure," Katie said, all smiles. Mike was suspicious by the way Katie was always pleased when he told her he was going out. So was Paula, come to think of it.

"Don't make so much mess when you eat honey," Mike told the girl.

"Sorry," Katie said, and she brushed the toast-crumbs from her lap and the sofa onto the floor.

"Now you've made a mess on the floor," Mike sighed, "Could you hoover up in here whilst I'm out? This place gets to be a right mess sometimes."

"No need to have a go at me," Katie pouted.

"I'm not," Mike said, trying to refrain from giggling. His pretty little niece had a habit of behaving petulantly in a curiously charming manner. It was, Mike figured, probably just because she had such a sweet fresh little girly face, and it was hard to be annoyed or frustrated at her for long. "Just hoover up will you, there's a good girl."

"Message received and understood sir!" Katie declared, giving Mike a salute but foolishly doing so with the hand she held her toast in, resulting in the heavily buttered toast sticking to her head. "Ewww, I've got hair on my toast," she whined, pulling the toast away from her head and looking at it.

"You've got toast in your hair, too," Mike informed her, trying not to laugh.

"Hi dad," Paula greeted her father as she came into the living room. She was wearing a white T-shirt and black jeans. Her top hugged her tits and Mike couldn't help but notice his daughter didn't have a bra on, her ripe tits and stubby nipples made out easily through the tight T-shirt. Katie rarely wore a bra and this was something Paula was evidently trying to emulate.

"Morning honey," Mike smiled, "I'm off into town, just to do some shopping."

"Okay," Paula said, plonking herself down on the sofa.

"How long will you be?" Katie asked, in between crunching away at her toast.

"About two-hours," Mike replied, hiding his curiosity as to why the girls always interrogated him before he went out to find out how long he would be.

"I can make you some breakfast before you go out," Paula said.

"I'll be fine," her father replied, "I'll get something when I'm out. Bye girls. Stay out of trouble."

His daughter and niece said their goodbyes and Mike headed out.

After hearing her father's car drive off up the road, Paula turned to Katie and the girls exchanged grins. Then they got up and hurried upstairs.

Mike was approaching the main road into the city centre when he saw a long tailback of cars. He turned on the radio and heard there had been a pile-up near the centre, and long delays were expected.

Sighing, Mike turned the car around and decided to head back. He couldn't be bothered sitting in traffic for hours.

When Mike got home, he took his shoes off in the porch and stepped into the hallway.

The house was strangely quiet. He couldn't hear the television and when he popped his head round the living room door he saw that Paula and Katie weren't there. They weren't in the kitchen either, and he wondered whether those little minxes had sneaked out somewhere. He worried about Katie's ability to lead Paula astray.

Mike was about to call out for the girls when he heard a girlish giggle from upstairs, followed by a moan.

It was a rather strange moan. One of pleasure. It was followed by a yelp, then another giggle.

Perplexed, Mike quietly sneaked up the stairs. At the top, he heard more soft moans and they were definately coming from Paula's room.

Mike sneaked up to the closed door to his daughter's bedroom and listened, hearing soft sighs and squeals of amusement and joy.

He abruptly opened the door and stepped into the room.

The only scenario his mind had come up with to explain the sounds he had heard were that Katie and Paula were up to something rather lewd together, but as his mind had tried not to consciously dwell on this explanation whilst he had been stalking up the stairs, he was still very shocked when his theory was confirmed.

As he stood in the doorway to Paula's room, he saw that his daughter was lying on her double-bed on her back, stark naked, and with her legs apart. More significantly, Katie, also stark naked, was on her hands and knees between Paula's spread quivering thighs, her cute bare bum in the air and her head in Paula's crotch.

Paula's bedroom was fairly light in it's decor; pink walls, white carpet, white furniture and cream curtains, but her bedcovers were a very dark shade of red, and so against the maroon duvet, the two girl's naked, pale, pubescent flesh contrasted sharply.

"Shit, dad!" Paula gasped, a second after her father had opened the door. The pretty fourteen-year-old sat up, her long blonde hair dishevelled, her blue eyes wide with shock.

Katie raised her head from Paula's crotch, glanced at Paula, glanced over her shoulder at Mike, and then she knelt up straight too, her small firm tits jiggling as she shot up.

"Shit," Paula repeated.

Mike just stood there, his face rather expressionless but his eyes wide with surprise.

Neither girl was aware where to look. Paula glanced down at herself, and as if remembering she was naked, she put her hand loosely over her ripe teen breasts to try and cover her modesty. The she realised that her fluffy cunt was exposed, so she placed her other hand over her vagina. She started to blush.

Katie was not quite so bothered about covering herself up. The mischievous thirteen-year-old chewed her lower lip in nervousness as she glanced at Paula and then back at Mike.

"Hi Uncle Mike," she chirped. Her lips and chin were slick with vaginal jucies from her cousin Paula.

"I guess this is why you're so excited when I go out," Mike said, after a pause, "you can't wait to get up here and indulge in...." He was a bit lost for words.

"Hot lesbian sex?" suggested Katie, who was never lost for words.

Paula almost grinned, but she was too horrified at being caught indulging in what she and Katie had been indulging in - hot lesbian sex, basically - whenever they had a chance over the previous month.

"We weren't," Paula began, but found she couldn't really say that they weren't doing anything, as the most clearly were. "We weren't, er...we were just experimenting."

"Yeah," Katie followed up with, "we were just, y'know, seeing...what it was like. Satisfying our curiosity."

"You're not mad are you dad?" Paula asked, her big blue eyes wide with pleading. Her father was not especially strict or stern, but she was worried about disappointing or upsetting him.

"I'm not mad, no," Mike said, aware that his cock was pulsing stiffly in his jeans, "Just...shocked."

"I bet you experimented with stuff like this when you were young," Katie said.

"I did, I guess," Mike admitted. When he was twelve, he and a boy the same as him had jacked each other off a few times, and of course, at that age he was also regularly wanking off whilst spying on his sister - Katie's mother - as she undressed. Then there were other incidents in his teenaged years, such as fucking Janice, the bespectacled slut he went out with. He had only been fifteen - a year older than Paula - when he had indulged in activities with Janice that would have been too extreme for some porno movies. Mike wasn't about to admit all his antics from his teenaged years, but he knew that he would be a hypocrite to tell these girls for satisfying their curiosity, to use Katie's phrase.

"It's just a bit shocking," Mike said, trying hard to look at the girls in their eyes and not gaze at their ripe pubescent bodies, "but I guess it could be worse. I could have come in here and found you two, I dunno, fucking some guys or other."

"That's right," Paula said, finding that this was a good bit of reasoning her father had given her, "Katie and me are, erm, a bit curious about sex. We felt we had to do something and so we figured that if we kinda...did things with each other and, erm, had sex with each other, then it would be okay. We know each other and stuff, and we know we're not going to tell anyone else what we get up to."

Mike felt happy with this explanation but he still felt annoyed. He wasn't sure why. He was a bit shocked and very aroused, be he felt somehow angry, even though he figured there were far worse things than this for his two charges to be getting up to. Then he realised that he wasn't angry, he was jealous! Mike was a handsome and good-looking man yet he hadn't been laid in the five-years since his divorce, and here were two girls just in their early teens who were getting laid, albeit with each other. He felt left out and pissed off.

Katie had been kneeling up with her back mostly showing to Mike, but she then shifted round so that she faced him. She had half-formed tits, nicely shaped and budding nicely, with stiff dark nipples, but still not enough for a handfull each. Her belly was flat and her cunt was completely hairless. This was in slight contrast to Paula, who was a year older and, now that she had casually let her hands slip from covering her privates, was displaying tits that were a good size and almost fully formed and also a juicy pink cunt nicely framed with fluffy golden pubes.

"Me and Paula just feel horny all the time," Katie explained to Mike, "so we have to release the erm...sexual tension." She glanced down at Mike's crotch. "You look horny too Uncle Mike," she giggled.

Mike glanced down. His erection was clearly bulging in his jeans. He glanced at Katie, who looked both amused and aroused, and then he glanced at Paula, who was busy looking at his crotch with her eyes wide with awe. She looked up at her father, made eye contact, then looked away, blushing.

"Damn right I'm horny," Mike said, unzipping his flies, barely able to believe he was doing this but unable to resist this fairly logical way of taking advantage of events, "No normal man can encounter a couple of naked pretty girls screwing without getting a boner like this." He reached into his flies and pulled out his cock. His eight-incher was rock hard, pulsing stiffly rippling with veins, the head the same shade of purple as Paula's bedcovers.

"Wow!" gasped Katie, eying up her Uncle's big hard cock. The nipples atop the little brunette whore's budding titties visibly stiffened in response. As she knelt there she practically rubbed her thighs together. Paula, likewise, gawped at her father's throbbing erection as her stroked it in his fist.

"Holy fuck, look what you little minxes have done," Mike declared, his pent-up lust pushing aside any restraint he had left as he stood before this adorable naked girls, "You can't seriously expect a guy to be in the same room as two naked young ladies as hot as you and not expect him to spring a hard-on, can you?"

"Your cock is very stiff looking," Katie gasped, her big brown eyes fixed to Mike's erection, which he masturbated as he stepped up close to the bed, "Wow, is that from just eyeing up me and Paula?"

"It sure is," Mike said, his eyes drifting from Katie's petite nude body to Paula's more developed form. He eyed up his daughter's delicious tits and her furry cunt. Paula blushed a little but visibly relaxed, feeling her father's appreciative gaze drift across her teenaged charms.

Katie was seriously delighted. Since entering puberty she had been fascinated at the way her developing little body had attracted male attention and, although she had not consciously set out to somehow seduce her Uncle Mike, she nonetheless had deliberately worn skimpy clothing around him, flashing a bit of tit or bum cleavage to get his attention and enjoying the way her uncle couldn't take his eyes off of her. Now, it was even better! Her Uncle Mike was proudly showing off the rock hard erection Katie and Paula's nakedness had given him.

"Do you think I'm really sexy looking?" Katie asked, standing up on the bed. The naked thirteen-year-old ran her hands seductively down her sprouting titties, down her flat pale belly and around her hips. With her feet apart she thrust her pelvis at Mike and showed off her bald little twat. Her lips glistened wetly, pink and shiny, no pubic hair to hide that delicious teen cunt.

"You do look very sexy," Mike told her, his voice almost breaking with desire and the sheer horniness of going half-a-decade without a fuck, "Very sexy indeed."

Katie danced a little, batting her eyelids and getting off on how her petite flowering body was almost hypnotizing her uncle. She then turned around and wiggled her pale bum. "Do you like my bottom Uncle Mike?" "Very nice," breathed Mike, stroking his erection in his fist, "Gorgeous!" It was a very fine arse indeed. Katie's hips may have widened slightly as she advanced through puberty but, although her bum may have had the curves and roundness of a womanly arse, it still possessed the tight firmness that only a pubescent girl's bum could have. "Show me your arsehole," Mike demanded, "Show me your little shithole Katie, show Uncle Mike that hole between those lovely little cheeks."

Katie giggled and bent over, reaching round to clap her hands to her cheeks and part them. Her hairless pink anus winked from between her taut bum-cheeks, her bald cunt hanging beneath it.

"Does it look nice?" Katie asked, her puckered anus twitching.

"It's a lovely little arsehole," her uncle told her, "Oh yeah, pull those cheeks further apart Katie. Show me that fucking arsehole, you sexy little slut. Show me where you shit from you sexy little bitch."

Katie wiggled her bum as she pulled her cheeks further apart, feeling so horny in the act of wantonly displaying her most intimate parts to her uncle.

Paula had been watching this, first with amazement at her cousin's exhibitionistic display, and then with some envy. Regardless of the fact that it was her father, she couldn't accept a man bestowing praise on another girl whilst she went unattended to. She got up and stood on the bed.

"I'm pretty too, aren't I daddy?" she asked, amateurishly rubbing her 33B tits and pinching her pink nipples.

"Very pretty, yes," Mike agreed, his eyes shifting to his daughter. Katie turned and knelt down, accepting that it was her cousin's turn to be the centre of attention.

"My cunt is nice 'n hairy now, it's all fluffed up," bragged Paula, running her hands over her pelvis and thrusting her hips a little, showing off her nice hairy teen twat.

"It's a beautiful cunt you have their daughter," Mike panted, jerking off his erection more energetically, "It's a very nice, sweet looking pussy. It looks quite wet too, it's all shiny. Obviously Katie had been turning you on a great by licking your cunt before I came in. Now," he continued, adding more force into his voice, "turn around Paula. Show me your arse. I want to see your beautiful behind and your arsehole."

Paula obeyed, eager to emulate Katie and display herself in all her intimacy. Being a little more developed than Katie, Paula's bum was a bit more womanly, a little more plump and shapely but still possessing the firmness and beauty of an adolescent's behind. It was utterly mouthwatering. Paula bent over and reached round to spread her cheeks.

"Can you see my arsehole daddy?" she asked, desperate to show herself off completely to the scrutiny of her lustful father, "Can you see my pooh-hole?"

"I can honey," Mike said, leaning in a bit to examine his daughter's anus as it winked from between her delicious cheeks. It was hairless, unlike her golden-fluffed cunt that hung, wet and soppy, beneath it, "I can see it darling. It's a beautiful arsehole, very nice and dainty. It looks tight and sweet. You whole arse is gorgeous, so pretty and firm, and I bet all the guys in school like looking at it. I bet they gaze at your hot bot and wish they could push their faces between those glorious cheeks." He glanced at Katie as his niece knelt up at the foot of the bed. "Your arse is sexy too of course, Katie. Both of you have very sexy bottoms, delicious tits and mouthwatering cunts. You're both extremely pretty and this is why I'm going against common morality and jacking my big dick whilst looking at you."

"Don't worry about feeling guilty Uncle Mike," said Katie, understanding her uncle's possible feelings of guilt at wanking of whilst eyeing up his daughter and niece, "It's a great compliment to have a man of the world like you enjoy our bodies. I enjoy looking at your cock too. It's very big and very hard. It delights me to know that you got that big hard-on from looking at me and Paula. I hope you understand that, even though we're young, Paula and me both feel horny a lot of the time and we like to have sex with each other just to release our tension. It's okay isn't it? You're not mad at all are you?"

"Not at all," Mike reassured his niece, "I guess if you two want to carry on like this, then it's not causing any harm. However," he continued, "I would like to watch you carry on where you left off. If you are going to get up to slutty activities with one-another under my roof then I shall insist upon keeping a close eye on you. Go on, you two little lesbos, carry on with your antics."

Katie smiled. The idea of Mike watching her and Paula getting it on was a real turn-on for her. Paula was a little confused about how to feel with her father wanting to watch her fuck Katie, but it did turn her on thinking about it and she certainly wasn't going to protest.

"Lie down Paula," Katie said to her cousin, "I haven't finished feasting on your cunt yet, I didn't make you cum. Lie back and I'll eat you out whilst your daddy watches us."

Paula gave a nervous grin to her father then lay on her back, spreading her juicy thighs. Katie got on all fours between her cousin's legs.

"Mmmm," Katie purred, more for her Uncle Mike's benefit than her own, as she licked her lips and admired Paula's vagina. She stuck out her small red tongue and ran it up Paula's glistening cunt lips, making the blonde girl shiver with pleasure. "Mmmm, tasty pussy," snickered Katie. Then she lapped at her cousin's cunt again. She was soon plunging into the twat before her, lapping, slurping and sucking away, making Paula gasp and moan with ecstasy, almost forgetting that her father was watching.

Mike fulled undid his jeans and slipped them off, along with his socks and boxer-shorts. Then he removed his T-shirt. He got onto the bed, kneeling next to Paula who was sprawled back and having her snatch eaten out thoroughly by Katie. Paula glanced at her naked father, at his sculpted, hunky body and the long pulsing prick he stroked in his hand.

"Oh, oooooh," Paula was moaning, swimming in a sea of pleasure caused by Katie lapping expertly at her sopping cunt and the sight of her father kneeling next to her masturbating. Mike's prick was wobbling over Paula's flat belly as he masturbated.

"Suck her cunt, lick it," Mike ordered Katie, "That's it, eat her pussy. Lick her out, make her cum. I want to see my daughter orgasm on the end of your tongue Katie, you horny little fucking lesbian bitch. Make her fucking cum!"

"Mmmmphh," Katie moaned, pleasurably, pushing her face eagerly into Paula's steaming crotch and noshing away at her pussy.

"Does that feel good Paula honey?" Mike asked his daughter, "Does Katie's tongue feel good in your hot cunt you fucking lesbo bitch?"

"Oh yes, oh yes," Paula gasped, turned on by both Katie's enthusiastic lapping of her pussy and her father's lewd and stern comments, "It feels so good, so nice. Ooooh!"

Katie slobbered and slurped on Paula's vagina, drinking that slut's cunt dry. It had been a month ago, when Katie had only been here a few weeks, that Katie had invited Paula into her room for a bit of mutual masturbation. Paula had been happy to go along with it, her curiosity about sex easily steered along by Katie's more determined hand, and they had frigged themselves on the bed, facing each other, turned on by each other's actions. Katie may have been a year younger than Paula, but she was the one in charge, her natural dominance and wildness allowing her to continue to direct her cousin. Soon Katie and Paula had frigged each other's pussies, then got on to kissing, frenching, sucking on each other's tits until finally they had just flung themselves into full-blown lesbian sex. They had sixty-nined and drank each other dry, sucking, fingering and snogging each other whenever they had the house to themselves, and even sometimes late at night. Mike would be fast asleep in his bedroom, unaware that Katie would be tip-toeing naked down the hall to Paula's room, both girls cunts growing moist as they anticipated their sweaty nocturnal activities.

Consequently, Katie was already an expert cunt-lapper, as was Paula. Mike pumped his long erection as he admired his daughter's beautiful body as she lay back, moaning with pleasure. He peered down at Katie, whose head was pushed to Paula's crotch, making obscene slurping and smacking noises.

"Oh yes, yes, I'm gonna cum," Paula began wailing a moment later, her orgasm taking her by surprise, "Oh yes! YES! Katie...suck me...lick me...ooooh!" She began to climax powerfully, what little inhibitions she had about being cunt-lapped before her father retreating as her orgasm took hold. In the grip of it, she began to feel very proud of undergoing this in front of her dad, as if she was proving her maturity and womanhood. "OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING!" she cried, her body shaking and quivering, "UUUUH!"

Katie drove her tongue far into Paula's slippery cunt-channel and into her womb. Mike wanked his throbbing cock harder and faster.

"That's it Katie, make her cum," he panted, "Suck her cunt, suck it. Make my little girl cum, oh fuck yeah, I wanna see my little girl cum!"

"I'm cumming daddy, I'm cumming," Paula reassured her father in heated cries, "Oh wow, I'm really...uuuh...OH GOD!"

"YEAH!!" Mike cried, his own orgasm hitting him as he continued to jerk off his cock whilst kneeling next to his writhing daughter, "UUUH!"

He angled his prick downwards as he pumped it and began ejecting hot wads of sperm across Paula's belly. He groaned as he emptied his balls over his daughter, his sperm pumping out, thick and steamy, splattering across his daughter's stomach. Katie, meanwhile, managed to continue burrowing her tongue up Paula's vagina whilst peering upwards and watching the joyous sight of her uncle ejaculating. She and Paula had recently looked up porn clips on the internet and seen men ejaculating onto women, but it was a totally different experience for them to see a man spurt his jizz in real life.

Mike let out a sigh of satisfaction as he ejected the last of his sperm onto his daughter's tender flesh. He stroked his cock, slowly, a large ooze of sperm rising from his piss-hole and dropping down messily onto Paulas already cum-splattered stomach. Mike then shuffled back a bit, out of breath. Paula was panting too. Her father's spunk glistened as it lay across her mid-rift in heavy blobs and steaks. Cum had run into her belly-button and formed a little well of salty sauce.

"What a lot of cum!" was Katie's rather casual observation as she raised her juice-slathered face from her cousin's crotch. She casually reached out and began swirling her hand over Paula's spermy belly, rubbing the sperm into her friend's skin. Paula lay her head back on the plump purple pillow as she felt Katie stroking her cum-splashed belly.

Katie then stook her forefinger in her mouth and moaned with sincere pleasure as she tasted the cum that was slathered on that digit. "Tasty," she informed Paula, "Try some." She swirled her forefinger amidst the mess of spunk on Paula's belly than offered her finger to Paula.

The blonde girl glanced at her father, who nodded his approval, before she slipped her wet lips over Katie's spermy finger. She slurped her dad's sperm up, feeling a shiver of ecstasy rippled down her spine.

"Mmmm," she grinned, when her cousin took her finger from her mouth.

"Cum is so tasty," Katie declared, lewdly. She then began lapping and slurping at Paula's sperm-splattered belly, swallowing all the cum that her flickering tongue could draw up. Soon she had lapped Paula clean of her dad's jism.

"Have you ever tasted cum before?" Mike asked.

"Once," Katie said, raising her head and licking her slick lips, "I gave a guy a blow-job once and swallowed the lot. It was nice. I've never had sex with a guy before though, proper sex, and neither has Paula. We're not virgins though, we've used dildos on one another's cunts. I've got a slim six-inch dildo and a thick eight-inch one. They're brilliant. Paula and me use them on each other's cunts and arseholes."

"Where did you get the dildo from?" Mike asked, his cock already re-stiffening at the thought of his niece and daughter pushing sex-toys up one another's orifices.

"From my mum," Katie replied, casually, "I pinched two of them from her collection. When dad is away on business she must use them on herself."

"Paula," Mike said to his daughter, his voice commanding and heated with lust, "Katie has given your pussy a nice licking. I think you should be a good girl and return the favour. I want you to eat out your cousin's twat."

"Okay dad," Paula said, sitting up, obedient and enthusiastic.

The girls switched positions. Katie lay back and, with a big grin and a wink at her uncle, she flung her slender little legs apart, her hairless vagina winking wetly between her thighs. Paula got on her hands and knees between her cousin's legs and licked her lips before diving in. She began lapping thirstily at Katie's cunt, running her tongue up and down those bald slick lips.

"That's it Paula," Mike murmered to his blonde daughter, "eat that hot pussy. Mmmm. Show daddy how good you are at eating pussy."

Paula slurped noisily, eager to show off to her father how good she was at cunt-lapping as seen as it clearly turned her own.

"Mmmm, that feels nice," Katie purred, "Hey, Uncle Mike? Why don't you lick Paula's twat? Her bum is nicely raised, you could get behind her and eat her out."

Mike saw that, indeed, as Paula was on her hands and knees her bum was nicely raised in the air. He got off the bed and walked round to end, standing there with his cock stiff as he admired Paula's upturned rump. Her beautiful cheeks were spread and her furry cunt hung beneath her puckered arsehole. Mike clapped his hands to his daughter's bum-cheeks and fondled them, feeling their ripe firmness. He then leaned in and stuck his tongue out, sliding the tip into Paula's wet cunt. He felt the girl shiver and moan as he probed her twat and he also felt his cock pulse into full stiffness, not just at the way he was finally getting close and intimate to a vagina for the first time in five-years but because it was his own daughter's vagina!

"Mmmmm," Mike moaned as he pushed and squirmed his tongue into Paula's cunt, finding it slippery and hot already thanks to Katie's previous attention.

"Mmmphh," Paula groaned, feeling her dad's tongue work it's way into her womb whilst she worked her own tongue into Katie's.

"Oh fuck, oh yeah," Katie panted, in heaven as Paula skillfully lapped at her cunt and also by the way she could see her Uncle Mike have fun eating out Paula.

The naked trio formed a squirming line of flesh, Mike eating out Paula from behind, Paula eating out Katie, and Katie laying back with her legs apart and squealing with delight. They slurped, lapped and yelped until the girls began to climax, Paula pushing her arse back onto her father's face whilst shoving her tongue far into Katie's cunt, the two teenagers shuddering with their repective climaxes.

Finally, Mike stepped back, wiping his juice-dripping lips and chin on the back of his forearm, pumping his fresh erection in his other fist.

Paula raised her head from Katie's cunt and glanced round at her father.

"That was great dad," she said, "Katie is a very good cunt-licker and I adore her efforts, but it was a really nice novelty to feel a man's tongue in my cunt. You made me cum, which was excellent, and now Katie and me want to help you cum too."

"Yeah, we wanna see that sperm flow," Katie chirped, sitting up and gazing at Mike's throbbing erection as he menacingly wanked it at them.

"Right then," Mike declared, sounding forceful. He was a little disconcerted by the way Katie had effectively ordered him about earlier. It was obviously fun to have a thirteen-year-old girl bossing him about in the realm of sex, but as a grown man he couldn't really stand for that. He felt that, being a man and being much older than these two amateurish cum sluts , he was meant to be in charge, and he could also tell, quite clearly, that the girls wanted him to take command too. "Right then," he repeated, jerking his thick erection, "you two horny nymphos have been enjoying lots of oral attention, so now it is my turn. You two will sit on the edge of the bed and I will feed you my cock. You will suck my cock until I blow my nuts all over your pretty faces and hose you down with sperm. Perhaps that might cool you hot little cum sluts down. How does that sound ladies?"

"Brilliant!" cheered Katie.

"Sounds cool," Paula grinned.

The girls obediently sat on the edge of the bed, hips and shoulders together, eager for a cum shower. Mike stepped up in front of them and gripped the base of his eight-inch cock, tending it first to Paula's quivering lips.

"Suck it," he told his daughter, "Suck daddy's cock, there's a good girl."

Shivering with excitement, Paula did so, parting her lips and sliding them over her father's cockhead and down his shaft. She moaned inwardly with joy as she felt her mouth fill with cock-meat. She had fantasized a lot about sucking cocks and, although she'd never imagined it would be her own father's, she now was actually doing it! She didn't know how to suck dick really, but she knew she could just follow her instincts and do a good job. She was eager to please her horny father, especially as he had given her such a wonderful orgasm with his tongue.

Katie watched with a mixture of envy and anticipation. She couldn't wait to get her lips round Mike's big handsome dick.

"That's it honey, that's it," Mike told his daughter, savouring the wetness of her sucking mouth, "Oh yeah, that's it, suck daddy's cock. Suck my cock you horny bitch. Oh yeah."

"That looks delicious Paula," Katie purred to her cousin, running her hand through Paula's long blonde hair and nibbling her earlobe, "Your daddy's dick looks so tasty. Mmmm. Suck it, suck your dad's dick."

"Mmmm, mmmph," Paula moaned, slurping deeply on Mike's cock and enjoying both the action of giving her father a blow-job and also her father's and Katie's lewd encouragements.

After a moment, Mike slipped his pulsing erection from his daughter's mouth.

"Oh, I was enjoying that," Paula groaned, rubbing her tits with her hands and rubbing her thighs together.

"I know you were honey," Mike said," I could tell you liked sucking daddy's cock. But it is Katie's turn now. You can suck me again in a minute."

And with that, Mike pushed his cock into Katie's open and willing mouth.

"Mmmmmmmpph," Katie groaned, her eyelids flickering with joy. A few months ago, before coming to live with Mike and Paula, Katie had sucked off a fifteen-year-old boy at a party. It had been fun sucking the boy's prick and drinking his cum, but he had shot his load too quickly for her liking. She wanted to savour a nice pulsing erection before it explode it's beautiful load, and furthermore her Uncle Mike's cock was much bigger and thicker than that of the boy she had sucked off.

"Suck my cock Katie, you little minx," Mike moaned, watching as his niece sucked deeply on his tool whilst he ran his hands through her short brown hair, "Oh fuck yeah, oh yeah. What a fantastic cocksucker you are. You suck dick well." He glanced at Paula, who was idly fingering her pussy and watching this lewdness. "You give good head too Paula, but Katie is a little better. You shall have to get some more practice in so that your cocksucking skills are as good as your cuntlicking skills evidently are." The two girls were actually equally skilled in cocksucking, but Mike saw that both girls were already in a friendly competition to be the sluttiest and competing for his attention, so he figured it would be to all their benefit to make things more fun by squaring the girls off against each other, making them try to outdo each other in sluttiness.

"Oooh, I'll try daddy, I'll try and perfect my cocksucking skills," Paula said, "I will need your dick to practice on though." She then giggled and blushed.

"My cock will always be here for you to suck," Mike informed her, and he took his prick from Katie's hot mouth a moment later. "Here we are honey," he said, offering it to Paula. The girl opened her mouth and Mike rudely pushed his dong into her throat.

"Mmm, mmgggh," Paula gagged, taking over half the eight-inch erection into her mouth. She sucked and slurped away, her eyes close. Katie leaned in and started flicking her tounge around the base of Mike's cock, lapping the shaft whilst Paula sucked on it.

Paula and Katie were son taking turns sucking Mike's cock, one slurping down on the prick-head whilst the other licked all round the shaft. Mike groaned with pleaure as he watched his niece and daughter savouring his prick with their wet lips and hot tongues. The cum building up in his heavy balls soon began to rumble upwards.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," Mike gasped, pulling his cock from Katie's mouth. He began to jack his erection in his fist and told the girls "Get ready for a nice spunky shower you sexy little cum sluts . I'm going to drench you in cum!"

"Ooh, yes, cum all over us!" Katie squealed, delighted, "I can't wait."

"Cover us with your cream daddy!" Paula begged.

The two teenagers pushed their heads together so that they were cheek to cheek, faces upturned and eyes closed.

"What a superb target to shoot at," Mike grunted, pumping his erection faster as his orgasm approached, "Two beautiful pretty little whore faces, all ready for my cum. Oh yeah, yeah...uuuh! Here it comes! NNNG!"

His cock exploded in his pumping fist and he aimed his first thick wad of jizz at Katie, splattering a gooey rope of sperm across her nose and forehead. Still wanking off and grunting with lust, he then shifted his cock so that his second spray of cum splashed across Paula, his daughter grinning with her eyes closed as she felt her daddy's fuck-sauce splash down across her right cheek. Mike shot another spurt of semen over his daughter's face before he shifted his cock back to his niece and spray two thick wads of sperm over her.

"Uuuuh, yeah, take my cum you little whores," Mike grunted, still pumping his cock in his fist as he shot two final squirts of cum over Paula, one big blob landing in her hair. "Oh fuck yeah, what a cum," he groaned, his orgasm fading away. He stroked his prick and some more sperm oozed out of the end and fell with a splat on Paula's left thigh.

"Wow, we're covered in it," Katie giggled as she and Paula looked at each other and admired the amount of sperm that lay splish-splashed over their faces.

"You sure are," Mike said, stepping back, his saliva-slick cock wilting, "You two are sexy little ladies and, clearly, are a pair of wanton little cum sluts too. If you want to be cum sluts then I shall let you be cum sluts ."

"Oooh, does this mean Paula and me can have sex with each other then, and you don't mind?" Katie asked, looking so sweet and sexy with her face, like her cousin's, splattered with slimy cum.

"Of course," Mike told them, "I was always horny as a teenager too. It is only natural that two sexy little cum sluts like you two will want to get up to all sorts of lewdness and I guess there is no point in me standing in your way. I will keep an eye on you and also join in and wank off onto your pretty littly bodies, because I'm always horny too and we might as well all get together and work off our respective libidos. I will fuck you both as well."

"You'll fuck us?" Katie gasped, overjoyed at this prospect.

"I certainly will," Mike told her, "When I get my hands on some condoms. I don't want to go and get you pregnant."

"That's okay Uncle Mike," Katie reassured him, "Paula and me are both on the pill. We started taking it last month because we were sort of planning on getting laid."

"Well, that's a case in point," Mike said, "if I hadn't come along you two would have eventually gone and gotten fucked by some guys who would probably take advantage of you. You would have picked up a reputation as cum sluts around town and that won't do. So," he continued, placing a hand on each girl's shoulder and laying down the law in a stern but fair voice, "here's the deal ladies. I will fuck you two and satisfy your obviously rampant teenaged libidos, and you both shall refrain from screwing anyone else. Only I will fuck you. That way, you won't be taken advantage of or possibly abused by some random guys out there, and you won't get a reputation for being cum sluts . We'll keep it all under this roof."

"That sounds great daddy," Paula grinned, barely able to contain her excitement at the prospect of actually having sex with a guy, especially her big handsome father.

"We won't screw anyone but you," Katie promised, "but you'll have to work hard to satisfy me and Paula! We're horny all the time."

Mike smiled, amused at the way he had worded his little speech so that it almost sounded as if he were doing the girls a favour by promising to fuck them.

"You'll be doing me a favour too sweethearts," Mike told the girls, "because I'm horny all the time as well. However, I must warn you, I've had a lot of sex in my time. Not recently, but certainly in the past. I'm not going to be satisfied with a blow-job or a straight fuck all the time. I'm going to fuck you two little ladies in ways you never thought possible, and I won't accept any backing out or any claims of prudishness. You two have made it clear you are little fucking whores so I am going to treat you like whores and do things with you that you won't have conceived in your wildest fantasies. You're wanton little cum sluts but you're obviously rather amateurish. I'm going to turn you into professional little cum sluts ."

Paula and Katie, both with sperm running down their faces, grinned at each other. It was so exciting to imagine all the unknown sordid activities Mike was going to indulge in with them.

"We'll be your slut-slaves," Paula simpered, joyous at the way her commanding father had effectively staked a claim on her and Katie's bodies for his lewd use, "We'll do everything"

"Are you up for a fuck now Uncle Mike?" Katie asked, reaching out and grabbing her uncle's semi-hard cock and stroking it.

"Not just yet," Mike told her, "I need a break. I'm hungry too. You two clean up and get dressed and I'll make us some lunch."

Mike put on his clothes and went downstairs whilst his daughter and niece scampered into the bathroom to clean their spunky faces up. Soon, they were dressed too, and they joined Mike in the dining room for lunch.

They ate lunch quickly and mostly in silence, all of them excited at the recent turn of events.

Mike could not believe his luck, these two sweet and sexy girls having agreed to submit to any sexual lewdness he cared to indulge in with them. The fact that they were his fourteen-year-old daughter and thirteen-year-old niece did not bother him in the slighest; the fact that they were willing justified it all.

Likewise the girls were excited too. Katie had had a crush on her Uncle Mike for a while now and, combined with her appetite for naughtiness and a blossoming nymphomaniacal streak, she couldn't wait to be fucked by him. She liked fucking Paula and would continue to do so, but it would be so much better with a man, a real grown man with a real grown cock! Paula was not quite as slutty in her attitude as Katie but she had certainly enjoyed her lesbian frolics with her cousin and now looked forwards to screwing her father. She really loved him, felt really close to him and had regarded herself as the woman of the house for a while now and fucking her father would seal this role. Mike's aim at stirring up a bit of friendly competition between the girls had worked too; as they ate their lunch, Katie and and Paula silently vowed to themselves to try and out-slut each other. Both wanted to prove their maturity and sexual appeal by showing off how willing and able they were.

After lunch Mike cleaned away the dishes. He felt horny but he wanted to hold himself in suspense a bit, just to tease himself and the girls a bit longer. He told them they should get their chores out the way and, grumbling only a little bit, Katie and Paula set about cleaning up the house whilst Mike mowed the lawn outside.

"All done?" Mike asked later as he stepped into the living room having finished cutting the grass. The August day had gotten quite warm and Mike wore jeans and a white T-shirt.

"Yep!" Katie and Paula replied, both standing in a spotless living room. Paula held a can of polish and a rag whilst Katie held a feather duster. Normally it was difficult to get Katie to do her chores but now Mike had found a superb ploy; promise the slutty little nympho some sex and she'll do anything!

"Right, excellent," Mike smiled, "Now then, time for some fun I think."

"You mean some fucking?" Katie asked with a wicked grin on her cute face.

Mike smirked. He liked Katie's directness. The mischievous thirteen-year-old didn't care for euphemisms at all.

"That's right, some fucking," Mike confirmed, "I'm horny."

"Me too," Katie bragged, "my cunt is wet 'cos I've been thinking of your cock Uncle Mike."

Paula giggled at her cousin's bluntness.

"What about you Paula?" Mike asked, "Are you horny too sweetie?"

"Ooh yeah," his daughter replied, "my cunt's wet an' all."

"Okay girls, run upstairs and into my bedroom. I'll be up in a minute. Make sure you're naked when I get up there."

The girls scampered out the room and up the stairs.

Mike sat down for a moment and just savoured the anticipation of indulging in some good old fashioned sex for the first time in half-a-decade, not to mention the extra excitement of a threesome with none other than his underage daughter and niece. He kept thinking he should feel guilty about all this but he simply didn't; it was going to be fun, the girls were was no problem.

With his cock erect in his jeans, Mike got up and went up to his bedroom.

As ordered, the girls were nude by the time Mike went into his bedroom.

They were on the bed, Katie sitting up at the foot of the bed and Paula laying on her side and propped up on and elbow.

"Don't you two look gorgeous," Mike declared as he admired the naked adolescent beauties, "Absolutely gorgeous."

The girls smiled. Paula blushed a little whilst Katie just looked a little smug and cheeky.

"Get your dick out Uncle Mike," she demanded.

"Youth of today, no patience," Mike declared as he unzipped his flies. The two girls watched as Mike stripped until he was naked.

"You look hunky dad," Paula said, admiring her father's buff physique; his six-pack, his broad shoulders, his strong limbs and, above all, his long throbbing prick that stuck straight upwards as if it were glued to his belly. His eight-incher had never been stiffer.

He saw that the girls, even the impatient and rather wild Katie, were both waiting for him to take control and direct things. Mike liked this. His two darling slut-slavewere ready to do his bidding. He scarcely knew where to begin.

"Who wants to be fucked first?" he asked the girls, stroking his erection and thrilling the little ladies with his unashamed and manly bluntness.

"Me!" they both replied, simultaneously.

"You can be first," Mike said to Katie, "but I shall soon be fucking you Paula. Right, move aside."

The two girls shifted off the bed and stood at the side, fidgeting with excitement as Mike got onto the bed and lay down in the centre on his back. He gripped the base of his pulsing erection and held it upright.

"Climb aboard Katie," he invited his niece, "If you've taken dildos up your cunt you should have no trouble taking a cock."

"None of the dildos I've used have been as big as you dick," Katie commented as she clambered onto the bed and knelt astride Mike's pelvis, "but I'm sure I'll take that in my cunt easily enough."

Mike continued to hold his prick upright so that the bulbous head nudged the pink lips of Katie's vagina as she knelt over him. She began to lower herself, straining a bit as her tight young cunt slipped over Mike's cockhead.

"Oh wow," she gasped when she realised the progress she'd made, "Yeah!" She lowered herself further, her bald cunt slowly swallowing up her Uncle's thick cock. Mike stopped gripping his dick and placed his hands on Katie's smooth firm thighs.

In the meantime, Paula got onto the bed and knelt next to the couple, watching intently.

"All the way down, that's it," Mike urged Katie.

The girl let out a lustful groan as she planted herself fully down, completely impaling her twat on Mike's dick. "Oh yeah, oh God!"

"Does it feel good?" Paula asked.

"Fucking excellent!" panted Katie, "Holy shit!" She leaned forwards a little, placing her hands on Mike's firm chest. "It feels good Uncle Mike, it feels so good! You're right up my cunt. Oooooh yeah!"

"Now ride me you little minx," Mike urged her, "ride my cock like you love it!"

Katie obliged, raising herself so that a few inches of Mike's dick emerged from her twat before she pushed herself down with a grunt. It felt great for both her and her uncle, so she repeated it, again and again. Soon she had a good pace, bouncing away on her uncle's prick, her firm bum-cheeks clapping against his thighs everytime.

"Uh, uh, uhhh, ride me baby, ride me," Mike encouraged the girl, "Ride my cock like a fucking slut!"

"Feels so good," moaned Katie, in utter heaven at the feeling of a lovely big dick in her cunt. She felt so utterly sexy and horny as she rode her uncle's prick.

Paula was almost glad Katie had gone first. She had felt a little nervous about taking a big cock in her cunt. Now she felt jealous and couldn't wait for her turn. It was clear Katie was enjoying herself!

Katie rode Mike's lovely big prick with evident enthusiasm, her sweet little titties jiggling.

"Oh, oh, oh God! Oh fuck yeah," Katie was soon wailing as she bounced away, "UUUUH! I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum...shit! YEAH!"

"That's it honey, cum on your uncle's big dick!"

"Fuck yeah...uuuuuh! Oh God I'm cumming!"

Mike gripped Katie round her slender waist and pulled her down onto his dick, thrust his arse off the bed so that he ground every inch of his pulsing erection deep into the girl's womb. He felt tempted to let himself go and blow his nuts but he knew that Paula would be upset; his little girl wanted her turn to be fucked and Mike was going to ensure she got her chance.

Her orgasm over, Katie slumped over Mike, his cock still wedged in her tight little twat. She started kissing her uncle, lustfully snogging him, Mike responding by sliding his tongue down his niece's warm wet throat.

"Mmmm, that was fantastic Uncle Mike," purred Katie a moment later, rising, "Your cock feels so good up my snatch."

"It's my daughter's turn now," Mike said. He glanced at his child. Paula knelt there, naked and quivering with anticipation, her furred teen cunt wet and her pink nipples erect.

Katie dismounted Mike, her uncle's long dick popping out of her tight bald cunt. She moved to oneside, kneeling up and playing with her cunt, and watched as Paula readied herself to give her cherry to her father.

"Climb aboard honey," Mike invited his daughter, "Climb aboard daddy's dick."

Paula was more than happy to obey. She mounted her father, emulating Katie by kneeling astride Mike's cock and impaling her pussy onto it.

"Ooooh, daddy that's good!" she purred as she sank down, her cunt lips sliding down her father's pulsing erection.

"You feel so good honey," her father told her, his voice strained with the thrill and excitement of actually fucking his own daughter, "You're cunt is so hont and tight."

Paula placed her hands on her father's chest and looked down, seeing that all but one-inch of her father's prick was up her cunt.

"Get it all up there," Katie encouraged her cousin, "Sink right down. You need to get all of your dad's dick up your vagina."

"Uuuuuh," groaed Paula as she pushed herself down so that her father's shaft was buried fully in her teen cunt, "Oh yeah!"

Mike let out a contented sigh as he ran his hands over his daughter's thighs, stomach and tits as the teenager knelt astride him on his cock.

"Doesn't it feel great?" Katie asked Paula, stroking her hand through Paula's long blonde hair.

"It does, it does," her cousin confirmed. Katie gave Paula a passionate kiss, the two teens tongueing one another's mouths, this naturally thrilling Mike even more. Then Katie moved aside and got back to fingering her cunt whilst letting the father/daughter duo get it on.

Paula began to ride her father, rising up and down, her whole body shivering with pleasure as she did so. Mike squeezed and fondled his daughter's firm young tits.

"Ride my cock, there's a good girl," her urged his daughter, "Ride my cock you horny little slut."

"Oooh, I'm a slut daddy, I'm your slut!" Paula squealed with delight, the fourteen-year-old's golden hair whipping around as she bounced faster and faster on her father's dick.

Katie wasn't content to be just an observer and so she leaned over and clamped her lips to Mike's and kissed him hard. Mike shoved his tongue into his niece's mouth and savoured the taste of her whilst his duaghter continued to ride his dick.

"Am I a slut too Uncle Mike?" Katie asked, kneeling back up a moment later.

"You sure are," Mike confirmed, "You and Paula are both fucking cum sluts . I'm damn lucky to have two beautiful cum sluts like you! We're going to have a damn fine time together, I promise."

Paula and Katie were proud to be described as cum sluts . Paula leaned over and snoggered her father whilst she continue to ride his cock. Then she kissed Katie, the teen cousins fondling each other's tits.

"Oooh, I'm gonna cum in a minute," Paula stammered shortly, taking her lips from Katie's, "Fuck yeah. Oh yeah...uuuh, uh, uh!"

She bounced hard on her dad's dick, Mike humping upwards to meet his daughter's thrusts, slamming his cock deep into her womb.

"I'm gonna blow my nuts," Mike declared, "Oh yeah honey, let's cum together! Fuck! UUUUH!"

"Aaaah, daddy, I'm cumming," panted Paula, and she slammed herself down onto her father's cock which, simultaneously blasted hot cum into her cunt.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Mike cried, spurting his hot seed into Paula's hot cunt, "Take my fucking cum honey, take daddy's cum!"

Mike's orgasm was immensely strong and his whole body stiffened as his cock pumped forth boiling cream into Paula's cunt.

Paula let out a long moan and slumped over her father, Mike hugging his daughter as her shuddering subsided with her fading orgasm. Mike's cum-flow had ended too, his cock remaining stiff in Paula's spermy cunt.

"That was wonderful," Paula grinned, kissing her father once she'd recovered from her strong orgasm.

"It sure was honey," Mike said, "This is just the beginning though honey. I'm going to put you and Katie to far greater lewd use than this."

"I can't wait," Katie declared, the slutty thirteen-year-old fingering her wet pussy. Like Paula, Katie felt almost overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation at the prospect of being Mike's slut-slave. She could hardly begin to imagine what fun lay ahead.

"We'll do whatever sexy sluttish thing you want us to do," Katie declared.

"Absolutely," agreed Paula.

"You've got a cunt full of sperm darling," Mike told his daughter, "I want you to pull yourself off of my prick and sit on Katie's face so that she can slurp all my cum from your vagina."

"Oh, that's sound wonderful," shivered Katie.

Paula agreed too. She dismounted her father and Mike moved aside so that Katie could lie down.

"Give me that cunt Paula," she urged her cousin, "Sit on me and shove your hot cunt in my face. I want to drink your daddy's spunk from it."

Paula squatted astride Katie, holding onto the headboard for support, and lowered herself. Katie licked her lips as Paula's twat approached her mouth. She loved licking out Paula and knew it would be even better with her cousin having just been freshly fucked. She could see warm sperm dribbing from Paula's pink vaginal lips which were framed by her neat blonde pubic hair. Finally Paula's twat made contact with Katie's mouth and Katie began lapping and slurping away, making obscene wet noises as she slobbered away.

"Mmmm, that's it, eat me out," Paula urged her, "Lick my cunt."

Mike knelt next to the girls, stroking his cock which had not softened despite his orgasm. He couldn't believe it, he'd shot his load but his cock remained stiff and ready for more action. It was like he was a teenager again! It wasn't too surprising though, he was indulging in a threesome with two gorgeous lolitas. He'd never been so aroused in his life.

"All clean!" Katie confirmed a minute later, licking her spermy lips. Paula raised herself and moved aside. She felt incredibly horny and her cunt tingled with pleasure at having been fucked and sucked by her father and cousin respectively.

"Let me suck your dick daddy," Paula said, admiring her father's pulsing erection as it glistened with her's and Katie's cunt juice. She slid her lips over it and sucked down deeply, savouring the taste of her father's lovely big prick. When she sat back up her father's prick was slick with saliva and throbbing even harder.

"Did you girls enjoy your first fuck?" Mike asked.

The two girls nodded eagerly.

"It was great," Katie declared, "I can't wait to be fucked again. I like to be fucked!" She boasted like a proud young slut.

"I like being fucked too," Paula said, once again eager not to be outshone by her cousin in terms of sluttishness, "It feels great having a nice big dick in me! Are you going to fuck us again daddy?"

"I sure am," he confirmed, "I'm going to fuck you both right now, but this time I'm going to fuck you two anally."

"You mean up the arse?" Katie asked.

Mike nodded.

"Oooh, that sounds cool!" Katie shivered.

"Katie likes anal play," Paula giggled, "When we fuck, Katie likes it when I lick her arsehole and put my finger up there. Once Katie and me greased up a dildo and took turns sticking it up our bums!"

Mike once again felt a tiny hint of envy at the thought of these two gorgeous cum sluts indulging in such erotic pleasures in the past whilst he had been out. Now he had the chance to make up for lost time however!

"Let me be first daddy!" Paula said, getting on her hands and knees in the centre of the bed, "Fuck my arse first!"

"Sure sweetheart," her father declared, thrilled at the way his slut-slave of a daughter was wiggling her mouthwatering bottom at him and begging to be sodomized. He knelt behind her, stroking his long erection and admiring Paula's sweet hairless anus.

He leaned down and began to lap at Paula's arsehole, making the girl moan with pleasure. He swirled his tongue around the puckered hole then pushed it in, squeezing the tip of his tongue into her rectum. Paula gasped with ecstasy; she liked it when Katie had licked her anus in the past but it seemed even better with her handsome father doing it, especially knowing it was preparation to being sodomized. She felt a little anxiety at the prospect of her father's big dick squeezing up into her bum - it was bigger than the dildo she and Katie had used - but she was certainly not going to back out.

Mike shortly raised himself up, his daughter's arsehole nicely wet and slick from his licking.

"Spit on my cock Katie," he said to his niece, who was kneeling next to them.

Katie complied, dribbling saliva onto Mike's cockhead then swirling her tongue around.

"It's all nice and lubed up," Katie declared, taking her mouth from Mike's cock a moment later. The hard pulsing prick was wet and slippery with spit.

Katie moved aside and prepared to watch the fun.

Paula let out a slight yelp as she felt her father's heavy cock nudging at her backdoor. He gripped the base of his cock and began to push it into Paula's anus, the girl's sphincter blooming open after a moment of resistence.

"Uuuuuh, I can feel it going up me," the girl squealed.

Mike was intent on entering his daughter's bowels and he grippde her firmly by the hips as he worked his dick further into the girl's bum. Inch by inch he made his way in until, with a triumphant grunt, he pushed the last remaining inches into Paula.

"Nnnnngg," the bent over blonde slut groaned.

"Aaah, there we are," her father declared, his prick throbbing in the depths of his teenage daughter's hot rectal passage.

"Does it feel good Paula?" asked Katie.

"Oh yes, yes!" confirmed her cousin, bent over like a whore with her dad's big dick up her shitter, "It's fantastic! It feels brilliant!"

"You'll get your turn soon enough," Mike told Katie.

He pulled half his cock out from Paula's arse then shoved it back in, making his daughter squeal with pleasure. He proceeded to bugger her with long and deep strokes, Paula's anus holding his cock in a tight grip.

"Are you enjoying it sweetie?" he asked his child as he sodomized her, "Do you like daddy's big dick up your shitter?"

"I do daddy, I do!" she confirmed, "Oh wow it feels fantastic!"

Mike pumped his long dong back and forth in the grip of his daughter's sphincter. He picked up his pace after a moment, listening to the gentle sighs and gasps of Paula as she evidently experienced intense pleasure from her incestuous buggering.

"I can't wait to be fucked in the arse!" Katie said, kneeling next to the couple and getting fidgetty.

"You'll have to wait sweetie," her uncle told her, "You have to learn a bit of patience. You girls have four holes between you - six, if you count your mouths - and I've only got one cock. I can't fuck 'em all at once!"

"Just make sure you don't cum Uncle Mike, I want your big dick to be in working order when you pull it out of Paula's bum so it can go up mine."

"Don't worry, I have excellent control," Mike told her, still steadily sodomizing his daughter.

"Oh daddy, daddy, it feels so good," Paula moaned, eager to express her sincere love for this depraved activity, "Your cock feels so long and thick up my arse, I can feel my bumhole stretched to the limit."

"Do you like having daddy's big dick up your guts then honey?" Mike asked her, knowing the answer but loving the sound of his daughter confirm such things out loud, "Do you love it my little anal whore?"

"Yes, yes, fuck yes!" Paula panted, "Fuck me harder daddy. Fuck my arse harder. Nnnng!"

Mike picked up his pace, his pelvis clapping repeatedly against his daughter's tender round bum-cheeks. After a minute he figured Katie looked a little left out so he stopped thrusting and eased his cock from Paula's bum. It emerged with a slurpy plop, her tender anus gaping open.

"Suck my cock clean Katie," he ordered his niece.

Katie hesitated only a second. She leaned down and tentatively slid her lips down and over her uncle's throbbing shaft. She soon moaned with pleasure and began sucking deeply as she realised the intense thrill of such a lewd act, sucking on a nice big cock after it had been up an arsehole. Mike was thrilled too. That morning he had been depressed at the idea of not having been laid in five-years. Now he was not just getting laid, he was indulging in a depraved threesome! He was now able to indulge in the sordid acts he thought only existed in porn movies or his imagination, such as bum-fucking one teenage girl then getting another teenage girl to suck his cock. The fact that these girls were, as he continued to remind himself, his daughter and niece not only failed to make him feel guilty but began to turn him on!

After Katie had slurped on his cock for a moment or two, Mike pulled it from the girl's mouth and pushed it deep into Paula's rectum in one smooth stroke, making his daughter let out a contented moan as she once again had her father's erection buried in her bowels. Mike gripped Paula's hips and resumed sodomizing her deeply and passionately, savouring every thrust.

"What a fucking arse, what an arse," he intoned, "Oh yeah Paula! You've got such a tight fuckin' arse!"

"And you've got such a nice big dick daddy!" Paula grinned over her shoulder, "It feels wonderful up my arsehole!"

Mike buggered Paula for another few minutes before he decided Katie had waited long enough for her turn. He pulled his dick from Paula's bum and had Katie suck it for a moment. Then he had Paula move aside.

"My turn!" Katie eagerly declared, the brunette teen getting on her hands and knees with her cute bottom raised, her pink anus winking from above her glistening bald twat. She was more petite and delicate than Paula but Mike had no doubts his randy minx of a niece would have no problems taking his cock in her arse.

Mike got down to business, leaning down and slurping Katie' delicate anus and pushing his tongue up into her rectum, slicking her up with saliva. He occasionally bought his forefinger into play, pushing the digit up the girl's anus to help loosen the tight hole up. Katie squealed with delight throughout this. When he had done a thorough job, Mike knelt up and prepared to enter, his daughter kneeling next to him and watching the progress.

"Fuck your big dick up her bum daddy," she urged him.

"I will honey, I will," Mike promised. He held the base of his cock and guided his prick-head to Katie's slick anus. He pushed, and pushed, and suddenly his prick slid halfway up Katie in one go.

"Aaaah, fuckin' hell!" the girl shrieked!

"You okay?" Mike asked, remaining still, four of his eight throbbing inches lodged in the girl's rectal passage.

"Yeah, sure," Katie panted, "It just took me by surprise a bit! Wow. Fuckin''s a bit uncomfortable...but cool. It feels nice in a way though."

"It felt discomforting me at first too," Paula informed her cousin, "It'll be okay though."

"Shove it all up me Uncle Mike," Katie begged, her voice still a little strained, "Go for it! I can take it."

"I'm sure you can," Mike smirked, and he held Katie's hips and sueezed the rest of his dick up the thirteen-year-old's tight bottom.

"Uuuuuuh, oh wow," Katie moaned, "It feels good, it's so fucking good. Oh's like I'm getting used to it now...oh wow it doesn't hurt at all! Uuuh, I feel so full of cock!"

"That's 'cos you are full of cock honey," Mike told her, and he withdrew half of his dick from her anus then slammed it back in, making Katie squeal.

"Fuck her arse daddy, fuck her," urged Paula.

Mike began to do exactly that, sweeping his pulsing pole back and forth in Katie's anus, the delicate girl shuddering as she was anally skewered on the thick eight-incher.

"Fuck my shitter, yeah," she yelped, excitedly, "Ooooh, that's good Uncle Mike, that's good. I love your cock up my arse."

"I'm going to be fucking your's and Paula's arses quite often," promised Mike, "as well as your cunts of course."

"Uh, uh, uh, uh," Katie was grunting as Mike picked up his pace, humping her arse fast and rough, "Oh yeah, fuck me in the shitter Uncle Mike. Fuck me. Yes! Yes!"

It was a warm day and the naked trio began to sweat as they frolicked on the bed. Their flesh was slick and damp and the air smelled of lust and juices.

Paula got off on watching Katie being buggered and she wanted to have another go.

"Please don't cum just yet daddy," she asked her father, stroking his chest and kissing him, "I want you to fuck my arse again."

"Sure darling, but I'll be cumming in Katie's arse. You got my cum last time so now it's Katie's turn. But I'll refrain from spunking up just yet so I can give you an arse ramming before I re-fuck Katie's arse."

"Sounds cool daddy," Paula simpered, and she snogged her father passionately, sliding her tongue into his mouth.

A moment later Mike took his lips from Paula's and pulled his achingly stiff tool from Katie's tight arse.

"Suck my cock Paula," he ordered his daughter, "Suck Katie's shit off of my dick, there's a good girl."

Paula did not hesitate; if Katie had carried out this lewd act then she was going too as well. She didn't want to be out-slutted! Besides, she liked the idea of sucking her father's lovely cock after is had been up Katie's lovely behind. Paula got down and slobbered on her dad's prick, slurping it down deeply and savouring the musky taste it had picked up. When she finished, Mike pushed his cock into Katie's rectum and got back to buggering his squirming niece whilst his daughter shoved her tongue down his throat and snogged him once more.

When Mike felt his orgasm rising he recalled his promise to his daughter. He pulled his cock from Katie's arse and invited Paula to get back down.

Like a bitch in heat, Paula was on her hands and knees as soon as Katie had shifted aside. Before Mike could re-fuck his duaghter's arse Katie got down and sucked his dick, delighting Mike at her lewdness; the slutty bitch was sucking a cock that had just been up her rectum! Once the girl had finished Mike was free to push his long prong deep into his daughter's behind. He and his little girl both groaned ecstatically.

"Uuuuh, that's good daddy," Paula wailed, arching her back and shivering with delight, "Ooooh, yeah, shove that big cock right into my shit-pipe. Fuck yeah!"

Turned on by his daughter's filthy vocabulary, Mike began to sodomize her, slamming his prick hard into her bowels. Paula's firm teen tits jiggled under her with every thrust, her blonde hair sticking to her sweaty face.

Katie hovered around and, after a few minutes, Mike pulled his cock from Paula's bum and, without waiting to be asked, Katie sucked down on that lovely prick. Then Mike shoved it back into Paula's bum, pulling it out again a couple of minutes later for Katie to suck on once more. Then he resumed buggering his daughter.

Finally, Mike sensed his orgasm could not be put off much longer. He was dying to blow his nuts and he had promised Katie would get his sperm this time. He pulled his cock from Paula's rectum.

"Right Katie," he told his niece, "Get down and get that bum raised! I'm going to give you a spunk enema!"

Katie was soon in Paula's place, her arse raised, her anus yawning and twitching, eager to be penetrated.

"Fuck my arse Uncle Mike," the little brunette pleaded.

Paula first sucked her father's dick, tasting her own shit on the shaft, after which Mike eased his prick into Katie's bum. The girl squealed and shuddered as she was once again anally spitted.

"Uuuh, yeah," she yelped, "Fuckin' hell, yeah, oh God I love it, I love being arse-fucked!"

Mike held the girl's slender waist and proceeded to fuck his prick to and fro in her arse with hard and lustful grunts. He couldn't wait to cum and he knew he couldn't put it off any longer.

"Paula, frig Katie's cunt," he instructed his daughter.

Paula complied, reaching under Katie and pushing two fingers up into her cousin's bald wet twat. This turned Katie on a great deal and she moaned and cried ou with a powerful orgasm a few moments later, her body wracked with pleasure as her cunt was fingered and her arse fucked.

"I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming, oh shit!" Katie cried, "OH YEAH!"

She bucked and writhed and her anus spasmed round Mike's thrusting prick. This sent him over the edge too.

"FUCK YEAH!" was all he could manage as his orgasm assailed him. With a long moan Mike slammed his cock right to the hilt in Katie's arse one last time and began to blast her full of cum. His cock pounded and pulsed in the depths of Katie's bowels as it disgorged hot thick sperm. Katie could feel her bowels actually flooding with jism and it turned her on even further, helping to prolong her orgasm. She cried out barely coherent moans and profanities as Paula's fingers continued to work back and forth in her twat whilst her uncle's prick spurted its sauce up her shit-pipe.

"That hit the spot," Mike concluded, out of breath, once he had finished emptying his nuts, "Phew!"

He slid his wilting, spunky cock from Katie's arse and knelt back. Katie flopped forwards, out of breath. Paula, quite casually, sucked her father's softening prick and then, much to Mike's delight, she then spread Katie's bum-cheeks, sealed her lips to her cousin's anus and began to noisily felch her father's sperm from there.

Mike was most proud of these two cum sluts !

Mike had the girls shower and dress afterwards and then did likewise.

The small family of three got on with their day; Mike did a bit more gardening then watched some TV, Paula cooked everyone dinner and did some schoolwork, and Katie mucked about in her room, playing pop music and merrily singing along, using a hairbrush as a makeshift microphone. She often did that and on more than one occasion Paula or Mike had stumbled into her room whilst she was playing at being a pop-star; being reasonably extrovert and shameless, Katie was one of the few people in the world who never got embarrassed when caught doing such things.

By the evening, Mike felt tired but still excited after the events of the day. He sat in his archair, dressed casually and sipping a glass of wine and watching TV. Paula sat on the sofa reading a book. She had recently showered and was wearing a pink dressing gown. Her long blonde hair was slightly damp.

Just after nine, Katie came downstairs, fresh from her own shower. She strolled into the living room, stark naked. Her budding titties, hairless cunt and cute round bum were all on display. She hadn't bothered drying herself thoroughly and her flesh shone wetly.

"You allergic to clothes or something'?" Mike asked, his cock stirring in his jeans.

"I was going to dress," Katie sniffed, slumping onto the sofa next to Paula, "but I figured I'd be getting naked soon anyway."

Mike smiled. No-one had actually said anything about sex before bed but it had been an unspoken assumption they'd all had that they would be getting it on that night.

"Can I have some wine?" Katie asked, the restless girl getting off the sofa, her eyes fixed on the glass of red wine Mike held.

"I suppose so," her uncle replied, "A little bit anyway."

Katie strolled over and sat on her uncle's lap, sideways. Mike gave her the wine glass and she sipped a bit and winced.

"Ew, it's like vinegar," she complained. She put an arm round her uncle and casually kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth.

Paula watched this from the couch with a bit of envy. She had been trying to summon up the nerve for the last half-hour to get it on with her dad, to snuggle up and kiss him or fuck him, but she'd not known how to do so, despite the activities of the afternoon. Now here was Katie, despie being a year younger than Paula, naked and brazenly sitting on Mike's lap and snogging him. Paula promised herself to try and be as forthright and as slutty as her cousin.

"Is it almost bedtime," Katie asked, taking her lips from Mike's.

"I believe it is," Mike replied, patting his niece's slender bare thighs, "Fancy coming up to bed Paula?"

"Of course," his pretty blonde daughter replied as she put her book down, "I'm feeling horny."

"Me too," added Katie, getting off of Mike's lap, "You are planning on fucking us, aren't you Uncle Mike?"

"Damn right I am," Mike replied as he stood up, "I'm going to take you upstairs and into my bedroom and I'm going to fuck your tight cunts and arseholes. Hurry along kids."

Paula and Katie went upstairs whilst Mike turned everything off in the living room. Then he climbed the stairs with his cock stiff in his jeans.

Moments later, Mike was lying naked on his bed, on his back, and Katie and Paula, in a similar state of nudity, were sucking his cock. Each girl knelt either side of Mike and they worked over his throbbing hard dick with their tongues, slurping and lapping away.

"That's it girls, suck my dick," Mike encouraged them, "Suck that big fuckin' pole you cum sluts . Get it nice and wet so it'll slide into your cunts and bums easier."

Katie slurped deep down on the shaft, taking half the pulsing eight-incher into her warm wet mouth, whilst Paula licked the base of the shaft and sucked her dad's balls. She liked the idea that those heavy nuts were full of spunk that would soon be spurting out.

"Paula?" Mike said a moment later, "Come and sit on daddy's face, that's a good girl. I want to eat out your beautiful arse."

"Okay daddy," Paula smiled, and the fourteen-year-old blonde got up and stood astride her father, her feet either side of his head as she facd towards his feet. She lowered herself until her anus touched down on her father's mouth. Mike began lapping at his daughter's arsehole, swirling his tongue around he hairless puckered hole before pushing it up into her rectum. Paula shuddered with pleasure as her father's tongue probed her shit-chute. As she squatted over her dad's face she reached down to pull her sweet buttocks apart to give him better access to her anus.

Throughout all of this, Katie continued to merrily suck Mike's dick. Her hairless twat was dripping at the thought of the lovely big dick being up inside her body. She couldn't wait!

"Climb off Paula," Mike shortly told his daughter, "I'm going to fuck your hot cunt and then I'm going to fuck Katie's."

The girls moved aside to allow Mike to get up. Then Paula lay on her back, legs aaprt, her beautiful lightly-furred cunt wet and glistening. Her father mounted her, pushing his throbbing prick deep into her womb.

"Oh yeah, daddy, that's feels wonderful!" moaned Paula as her father entered her, "Uuuuh!" She wrapped her arms round her big handsome father as he began to fuck her pussy.

"Do you like daddy's dick honey?" he asked Paula as he leisurely ran his cock back and forth in her tight snatch, "Does it feel good?"

"It sure does daddy, yeah! Yeah, fuck me harder. Fuck me!"

Mike increased his pace and kissed Paula passionately as he fucked her hot teen cunt.

Katie kept her patience in check as she knelt next to the incestuous couple, playing with her bald vagina as she eagerly awaited her turn.

After humping his daughter for five-minutes, Mike withdrew from her, his prick raging hard and slick with cunt juices as it emerged from Paula's slick cunt.

"Your turn Katie," he said to his niece, "lie down, spread those legs and let Uncle Mike fuck that tight cunt of yours."

When Paula moved out of the way, Katie complied with her lustful uncle's wishes, laying back and parting her legs.

"Fuck me Uncle Mike!" she begged.

Her uncle mounted her, pushing his long prick into her tight cunt. Both of them sighed happily and Mike proceeded to fuck his sexy little niece as she squirmed beneath him. He kissed her lovingly as he slammed his meat repeatedly into her womb.

"I think we should come up with a position that allows us all to join in," Paula commented a moment later, "Y'know, rather than having one of us sit aside waiting her turn."

"Good point," Mike agreed, and he reduced his thrusting pace then dismounted Katie, his cock sliding from her tight hairless cunt. "I've an idea," he continued, "Katie? Turn around. Paula, I want you to get on top of Katie in a sixty-nine. You can eat each other's cunts out and, in the meantime, I shall bum-fuck you Paula."

"Sounds cool," Katie grinned, and she turned round and let Paula get on top of her. Katie had her cousin's wet cunt over her face and she happily began to lick and slurp the lovely pink twat. Paula placed her head between Katie's thighs and began to eat out her cousin's vagina.

Mike then got behind the two sixty-nining cum sluts and eased his prick into his daughter's bum. He had licked her anus out thoroughly earlier and so the saliva-slick sphincter allowed his rod to slide in. Paula moaned into Katie's crotch as she felt her father's cockhead push it's way up her rectum.

"Yeah, that's it, right the way in," grunted Mike as he ran his hands over Paula's buttocks whilst he admired the way his cock was completely buried up her arse, "Do you like that Paula? Daddy's nice big dick up your shitter?"

"I do daddy," confirmed Paula over her shoulder, "It feels fantastic! I can feel your dick right in the depths of my poop-chute! It feels even better with Katie licking my cunt at the same time."

"Well you get back to returning the favour to your cousin and lick Katie's nice wet cunt out whilst I busy myself fucking your arsehole."

Paula thrust her head back into Katie's crotch and tongued her pussy, Katie all the while laying under Paula and slurping her cunt in turn. Katie had a good view of her cousin's sodomizing; right above her eyes was Paula's anus and, of course, Mike's long cock which was running back and forth in that tight hole.

Mike buggered his daughter at a leisurely pace, wanting to make himself last. He enjoyed listening to the girls beneath him moan and pant with pleasure as they sucked each other's cunts. Paula's anus felt incredibly good tight round his shaft.

After a short while Mike pulled his cock from Paula's anus and angled it down.

"Suck it Katie," he ordered his niece, "Suck my daughter's shit from my cock you little cocksucker."

Katie happily stopped eating Paula's cunt for a moment and lifted her head up and slid her lips over Mike's cock. She sucked deeply on his arse-flavoured meat. Then Mike took his cock from his niece's mouth and slid it back into his daughter's rectum. Katie got back to lapping at Paula's cunt.

Mike began to fuck his daughter's arse harder and faster. He knew he could not hold off blowing his nuts for much longer.

"Oh daddy I'm cumming," Paula abruptly began to cry a few minutes later, raising her juice-slathered face from Katie's cunt, "Yes, yes! Fuck me harder, fuck my arse! Nggg!"

"I'm about to cum too honey," Mike told her, ramming his pole repeatedly into his daughter's shitter, "Fuck yeah...uuuh!"

His cock began spurting hot gouts of thick cum into Paula's rectum. He hunched over his daughter with his cock lodged right to the hilt in her bowels and let out a long and satisfied groan as he emptied his nuts. Paula's climax was prolonged thanks to the thrill of receiving her daddy's sperm in her bowels whilst Katie licked her cunt out. She squealed and writhed with pleasure on top of her cousin as she felt her guts fill with sperm.

"Fuck yeah, what a cum," Mike declared once his orgasm was over. He slid his wilting prick from Paula's behind and thrust it rudely into Katie's face. The horny brunette did not hesitate to suck down on the cum-leaking and shit-smeared dick.

In just one weekend Mike went from never getting laid to indulging in sordid threesomes with two teenage girls on a regular basis. He couldn't have been happier and he made full use of the willingness of his daughter and niece to satisfy his lewd whims. He didn't go a single day without fucking them.

Likewise, Paula and Katie were happy to have their father and uncle teach them all sorts of new and exciting things about the world of sex and they couldn't get enough of the pleasure Mike's hard pumping cock gave them. Their pubescent nymphomanaical streaks were hard to satisfy though and Mike had to try hard to keep up. Someimes Mike would be tired out from a day of fucking and plan a quiet evening in front of the telly, but Paula and Katie would start kissing and feeling each other up on the sofa, and the sight of these teen lesbians would naturally stir Mike's interest, not to mention his cock, and he'd either take the girls up to bed for more humping or just fuck them there and then.

Mike once bought the girls some sexy underwear and make-up to play around with. He came home one day and found Katie and Paula had done themselves up like whores; thick make-up, bright red lipstick, high-heels, suspenders, crotchless panties...the sight of two pubescent girls dressed like filthy whores turned Mike on so much he forgot about being tired after a day at work and he immediately took the girls upstairs and fucked and buggered them for three whole hours.

It was a Friday evening and Mike was getting home from work after a long shift. He felt tired but he knew that he would have the energy to indulge in some fun with his darling slut-slaves. It had been two-months since he'd started fucking them and the novelty had still not worn off.

He took his shoes off and strolled into the living room.

"Hi dad," smiled Paula.

"Hi Uncle Mike," smiled Katie.

Both girls were standing in the living room in their school uniforms; white blouses, black skirts, long white socks and polished black shoes. Paula had tied her hair in pigtails too.

"My my, off to school are we?" Mike smiled, "It's Friday night darlings, you don't have to be in those uniforms. Or," he continued with a grin, "are you kinky little cum sluts trying to turn me on?"

"We're trying to turn you on," admitted Paula.

"We're succeeding too," Katie said, nodding at Mike's crotch. His cock was indeed visibly stiffening in his trousers.

"By fuck you're right," Mike declared, beginning to undress, "You two look very hot indeed. I want you to both bend over and stick your arses out. I'm going to spank your bare bums to teach you a lesson."

The girls giggled. They'd not tried spanking before and the idea sounded nice and kinky. They both turned and bent over, resting their hands on the coffee table. Their pert bottoms were snug inside their black schoolskirts.

Mike stripped naked and picked up a jar of Vaseline that was conveniently sat on the mantlepeice. He slathered some of the lubricant over his long pulsing erection. The two girls remained bent over and waiting for their spanking.

"Now then," Mike declared, stepping up to the girls and hiking their skirts up, "I believe you two naughty little cum sluts are in need of a spanking."

"We are," confirmed Katie, "we've been exceptionally naughty."

"We've been licking and sucking each other's cunts and bums ever since we got home from school an hour ago," added Paula, "You should spank us hard daddy and teach us a lesson."

His cock as hard as an iron bar, Mike ran his hands over the white cotton knickers that girls wore. Then he roughly pulled the knickers down to the girl's ankles, their tender bottoms bare and at his mercy.

Mike raised his arm and slammed his palm to Paula's quivering cheeks with a resounding SMACK! The girl yelped but clearly enjoyed it.

"Again daddy," she begged.

Her father raised his arm again.SMACK!

"Me now, spank me!" Katie impatiently urged her uncle.

Mike obligingly thwacked his niece's tender bottom a couple of times, making the petite brunette nympho cry out with masochistic pleasure. Then he smacked Paula a few more times, then went back to Katie.

"Such wicked little cum sluts ," Mike smirked as he merrily spanked his daughter and niece, soon making the teenager's sweet bare bottoms glow.

Having thoroughly spanked the two horny minxes, Mike then pushed his long greased cock into their arses. First of all he bum-fucked Katie for several minutes, driving the horny teen wild under his lustful cock-thrusts, and then he withdrew and stuck his prick up Paula's bum and sodomized her. The spanking had but both girls in a sodomistical frenzy and they both cried and moaned with ecstasy when the hole between their smacked bottoms was penetrated by Mike's lance.

Having fucked the girl's arses for a few moments each, Mike withdrew and spanked the girls some more. Then he fucked Katie's shitter whilst fondling his daughter's buttocks, then switched girls so that he sodmized Paula whilst his hands strayed over Katie's cheeks. The fact that the girls were still in their school uniforms with just their skirts hiked up and their knickers round their ankles turned him on even more. Nonetheless, his self-control was impressive and he again withdrew without ejaculating. He spanked the kids some more before he indulged in more arse-fuckery.

Mike's self-control could not hold out forever though. His sperm simply had to flow. Sensing his balls about to burst, Mike had the girls turn and kneel and he wanked lustfully into their faces. Katie and Paula grinned with pleasure as Mike pumped his semen over them, the hot white cream splashing across their pretty faces.

Mike felt tired after cumming on the girls and he slumped into the armchair, out of breath. Katie and Paula were not finished though, and they lapped the sperm from one another's faces, kissing lustfully afterwards and swapping the cum back and forth.

Mike's cock soon stirred once more and beckoned the girls over so that he could indulge in some more fun with his slut slaves.

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