Monday, March 25, 2013

Cheated on my Boyfriend

I was out at a club with my girls and I hooked up with this really hot guy.

I was just dressed in a singlet top and a denim mini skirt with black heels, so I wasn't trying to get picked up, but I still looked pretty good. I had had a few drinks but I wasn't drunk, I was by the bar with my friends and then this totally hot jock looking guy came up to us and asked me if I would dance with him. I told him I was sorry but I had a boyfriend, but he assured me that he was just asking me to dance and nothing more. My friends then started egging me on a bit, telling me I should say yes and just go dance with him. I thought about it for a few seconds and I was pretty sure that I could control myself and just dance with this guy and nothing more. So I said yes and we both went to the dance floor and started to dance together.

At first we just danced like most people do in clubs and we chatted casually, but as the night went on we started to dance closer and closer, our conversation started to get more flirtatious and he started calling me ‘babe’. Then our dancing started to get suggestive and before long we were grinding against each other and running our hands all over each other. Our friends kept egging us on more and more and so we kept doing more and more. Each time something new would happen I would say to myself "ok, just this and no more." At first it was just a dance and no more, then it was just close dancing and no more, then it was just dirty dancing and no more.

Finally, during a slower dance, I had my hands all over him and he had his hands on my hips and on my ass. I promised myself that would be the end of it, but then he kissed me, and I really liked it. We made out on the dance floor a little, but then after the song finished we found a booth in a corner and sat down and started to make out even more lustfully than before. Once again I promised myself, “just make out and then no more”, but as I was running my hands over his ripped abs and his sexy arms I was getting hornier and hornier, and the way he was touching me started to get me really excited.

Then he asked me if I wanted to go back to his place, I only thought about it for a few seconds until my lust got the better of me and I said “yes”. We didn't even say goodbye to our friends, but I know now that they did all see us leave together, we just basically ran out of the club and headed back to his place. 

When we got back to his place we were all over each other right away, even before we were in the door. We got inside and we made our way into his bed room. We made out some more on his bed and started to take each other’s clothes off, then he went down on me until he made me cum, and boy did he make me cum. He totally blew my mind, no one has ever made me cum so hard in my life. I don’t even know what he did but whatever it was he gave me the best orgasm I have ever had.

After that he fingered me until I came again, this time just as hard as the first. As soon as I had gotten my senses back I took his pants off and gave him a blow job until he got really hard, then we had sex in all different positions and I came a few more times, each time as hard as the last.

When it was over I put my clothes back on and left. I took a taxi back to my friend Alisha’s place and stayed there the night instead of going home to my boyfriend. My boyfriend still has no idea that I cheated on him and ever since that night the guy I cheated with and I have been sending dirty texts to each other and talking dirty over the phone.

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