Monday, April 28, 2014

My Brother and me Share a Girl

This story is about the first time I was ever with another woman.  I was 16 at the time, and my brother was 19.  We had been talking about trying a threesome with another girl for a while by this point.  I had always been fascinated by the concept of being with another woman, but since my brother was talking about it more and more, it became a fantasy of mine.  I would sometimes sneak into his porn collection just to watch the lesbian scenes.  The women were so beautiful, and the sex was more sensual, something that turned me on more than I would have ever thought.

The Deepest Kiss

You pull away from our hot, hungry kiss and push out of my embrace. Still breathless from the passion of your kiss, I open my mouth to protest but you give me that certain smile and place one finger to my lips. Your fingertips trace their way down my chest, their path a blueprint for the trail of soft kisses that follows from your exquisite lips. 

I close my eyes, trying to regain control of my breathing, to steel myself for what comes next but frankly it is a losing battle! I feel your hands on my ribcage, your soft hair tickling, enticing against my skin, as you bend to kiss your way lower then I shudder uncontrollably as you press your face into my abdomen and inhale deeply, drinking in my scent. 

The Mirror

You are sitting on the bed as I enter the room. Having just pulled on a short black dress, I can tell you are not wearing any underwear. The dress clings to your breasts, your nipples clearly defined and erect. It is stretched across your ass, the crease between your cheeks emphasising your curves.

You walk towards me and, as I smile, you slide your hands over the hem of the dress. Slowly drawing it upwards, I watch your thighs become exposed. Just covering your pussy as you walk past me. With your back towards me, you bend and stretch for your heels. Thighs tightly clenched, legs straight, your pussy framed between your cheeks. Your lips puckered and swollen. Glistening. You run one hand around the back of your thigh and let a single finger brush over your lips. A soft moan accompanies your touch.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sex with married HOT sis in law

she is hot,hungry for sex and accused by her husband for wanting an affair with me. Well if you think something in sooner than later happens. That is how powerful the mind is. 

It was later afternoon and we were all strolling along the beach when Amanda( not her real name) walked over to me and pointed out some interesting trees along the sand dunes.

she asked to be taken there for me to show her and I couldnt resist. There was that vib, body language that she hand hidden agendas... I knew it waould happen and immediately my mind wondered and I got distracted by her pronounced hip swing as she lead me the way. I became hard just looking at her sex butt and way she would place every step like a dancer in the sand showing her legs off by lifting them higher than usual when she walked . 

My best friend's girlfriend

The lyrics to‘Jesse’s girl’ seemed overly ironic in my situation. I had come to the starkrealisation when I was watching her vomit her guts up after one too manytequila shots. It wasn’t me holding her hair back, it was her boyfriend, Jesse.Her head in the toilet making God-awful noises while he gripped her wild maneof blonde curls in his fist, holding it back so no chunks were caught in it. Hewould rub slow circles on her back, soothingly, but I could see every time hishand brushed over her bra strap, the slight bump as his fingers came in contactwith it. He knelt on the cold bathroom floor too, drunk himself. Her handsgripped the edges of the toilet bowl meaning she didn’t have a free one to hikedown her dress which had ridden up to expose the bottom of her red panties. Itried not to look at how lacy they were or that they only seemed to cover halfher cheeks. Jesse didn’t seem to notice either and when he eventually pickedher up in his arms to take her to bed the situation worsened, at least for me.I tried to pretend those pangs were just from the alcohol, but when he laid herdown on his bed and curled around her I couldn’t help wishing it was me doingthat.