Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sex with married HOT sis in law

she is hot,hungry for sex and accused by her husband for wanting an affair with me. Well if you think something in sooner than later happens. That is how powerful the mind is. 

It was later afternoon and we were all strolling along the beach when Amanda( not her real name) walked over to me and pointed out some interesting trees along the sand dunes.

she asked to be taken there for me to show her and I couldnt resist. There was that vib, body language that she hand hidden agendas... I knew it waould happen and immediately my mind wondered and I got distracted by her pronounced hip swing as she lead me the way. I became hard just looking at her sex butt and way she would place every step like a dancer in the sand showing her legs off by lifting them higher than usual when she walked . 

My best friend's girlfriend

The lyrics to‘Jesse’s girl’ seemed overly ironic in my situation. I had come to the starkrealisation when I was watching her vomit her guts up after one too manytequila shots. It wasn’t me holding her hair back, it was her boyfriend, Jesse.Her head in the toilet making God-awful noises while he gripped her wild maneof blonde curls in his fist, holding it back so no chunks were caught in it. Hewould rub slow circles on her back, soothingly, but I could see every time hishand brushed over her bra strap, the slight bump as his fingers came in contactwith it. He knelt on the cold bathroom floor too, drunk himself. Her handsgripped the edges of the toilet bowl meaning she didn’t have a free one to hikedown her dress which had ridden up to expose the bottom of her red panties. Itried not to look at how lacy they were or that they only seemed to cover halfher cheeks. Jesse didn’t seem to notice either and when he eventually pickedher up in his arms to take her to bed the situation worsened, at least for me.I tried to pretend those pangs were just from the alcohol, but when he laid herdown on his bed and curled around her I couldn’t help wishing it was me doingthat.


“First off” I say, “We need to see how goodyou are at pumping iron.” With that two of the guys move to either side of theworkout bench til they are standing at your shoulders. Wondering what’s goingto happen you watch as they begin to unbutton there jeans, then unzip them anddrop them to the floor. You gasp with surprise as you see two of the hardestcocks you have ever seen, pointing at you.

“Ok,” I say “start pumping the iron!”

You take both cocks, one in each hand andstart to wank them. They are so hard they certainly feel like iron, hot iron inyour hands. You squeeze them tight as you feel the rippling contours of thecocks move up and down as you squeeze and wank them hard and fast. You keepturning your head from side to side as you look at each in turn, looking at thepleasure in the guys faces as you pump them hard. Suddenly you hear the one onthe left side start to groan and moan in pleasure and you turn to look, as youdo, he starts to thrust into you hand and you smile as you know he is about tocum. You grip him harder and tighter and smile when suddenly with a tremor ofhis body his hot cum juices shoot out and splash over your sweet face. Yousqueal in delight as it hits you, and you open you mouth to catch the secondwave as it shoots towards you. As you lick you lips tasting the sweet cum, hefalls back exhausted and you release him. You turn to the other rod of iron,and see the look on the guy face and know he is about to shoot this load anysecond, and just as you realise this he does, catching you by surprise, his cumshooting at you hitting your face and hair, and you quickly move your head tocatch the second shot in your mouth again, tasting the heat of the cum as ithits you tongue. With a groan he falls back and you release him, laying backyourself, with tired arms, breathing heavily as you lick the cum from yourlips.

The Secret Spot

The secret spot was well hidden but I moved as though I already knew the way. The secluded area was tucked away and no one ever ventured nearby. Perfectly shielded from prying eyes I recognised landmarks from your many pictures. But I saw signs of your presence most importantly the sheets laid out on the soft grassy ground.

I made my way to the centre clearing bathed in sunlight and watched as you emerged from the trees in the opposite direction.

There were no words. No hint that we knew each other just two people moving together as if possessed both sure what was going to happen. I walked straight to you wrapping an arm around your slender waist, you gasped but the sound was silenced by a kiss that melted me. Soft lips pressed to mine, fervent tongues lashing together. There was only the briefest glimmer of a knowing glance and I dropped down to lay out on the sheet. I invited you into my arms. The ground beneath was soft and pliant. It seemed to give just like a mattress.

In the car

I lay back on the car seat for some moments to recapturemy breath. My whole body was tingling. I daren’t look up for fear of seeingpeople outside, in the car park, looking at me sprawled half naked and flushedfrom a recent climax.

“Was that good, my darling?”

“Heavenly.” I looked at him. He was smiling at me, hiscraggy face crinkled into a grin. He ran his hand over my brow, flicking myhair away from my face.

“Take off your panties,” he said.

“Yes,” I said. My skirt was already half way up my thighsfrom when I had been touching myself. I got upright in the chair and struggledwith the panties sliding them down over my hips, my knees, my ankles. I slippedthem off. Tom took them. He raised them to his nose and sniffed my juices.