Friday, February 5, 2010

Sex with my Boss

I rememember one day my boss asked me to stay back after work and help him with some stuff. we were the only ones left at the office. i went into to get some files from his desk. they were all a mess so i had to sort them there. he was sitting right next to where i was sorting them and he wheeled his chair back behind me. it felt like he was watching me. this went on for a while then BAM, he's just slapped my ass. he panicked and started apologizing straight away. just kept saying sorry and tht he lost control.

I said it was fine, then i took his hands and put them on my waste. then he jumped on me. he was kissing my neck and squeezing my ass. then he was stroking my legs and his hands went up my skirt. he pulled off my panties and pulled him pants down. he fucked me on the desk. it all ended very fast and he just lay on top of me for a while afterwards.

The next time he asked me to work late it was better

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