Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Roommate

Upon showering, the tension that had previously been held within, released from my body as the heated water hit my previously chilled, bare skin. My hands began gliding up and down my delicate figure as my mind traveled elsewhere. I couldn’t believe it was not only winter again, but that the first semester of my fourth year had just been completed. As if that weren’t enough, I couldn’t believe I had allowed myself to invite a couple of friends to reside within my apartment – I laughed at the idea of not having the joy of pleasuring myself at any moment I pleased any longer. I reached down, turning off the water, and immediately wrapped myself with a towel. My nipples quickly grew hard from the temperature change, and I suddenly realized I had forgotten my clothes in the other bedroom. Quickly, I made a decision to take my chances in making a run for it, considering that no one was home as far as I knew.

I turned the knob on the bathroom’s door, peeking my head out to ensure that no one was in the hall way. As far as I could tell, there was no one – there was not a bit of noise as an indicator, off I ran to my bedroom, not feeling the need to shut the door. I dropped my towel, reaching into my dresser searching for the booty shorts of my choice and a matching bra to which I had just found as I heard a shocked gasp come from behind me. I turned around swiftly, finding my newest roommate staring at my naked body.

A loud, “oh my god!” escaped my lips as I realized my current situation all the while reaching over to my bed, pulling a light blanket off of it, to which I wrapped around myself – he turned around instantly.

“I’m so sorry, I… I… I thought something was wrong…”
“Oh my…”
“I’m so sorry, I heard you running – I just wanted to check on you.”

I couldn’t believe it – one of my best guy friends since high school, hell the guy I had, had eyes for, for so long – had just seen me naked. I stood there, my pink blanket wrapped tightly around my body, in absolute disbelief. Suddenly, my mind went elsewhere, why was I acting so appalled? I had practically been wishing for such a situation for so long.
He continued, “I am so sorry – what can I do to make it up to you?” By this time, I could have suggested quite a few things, considering my mind was where it should not have been, instead I said, “Hun, it’s fine, really. It’s my fault actually.”

I found that he was moving closer towards my current position – a wave of heat traveled up my body – I stood there, perfectly still with my wet hair clinging to my neck and shoulders. “You know,” he said slowly as he reached towards me, moving my hair aside. The tension was eating me up inside, I had to interrupt, “Next time just buy me dinner first, okay?”
He chuckled, “You are the only girl who would make a joke out of this.”

“Well excuse me for not making this any more awkward,”
“Awkward, what do you mean?”
“That’s not what I meant…”
“Good, because I have been wanting to do this for a long time.”

Suddenly, before I could ask what he was talking about, he moved in for a kiss – his lips pressed against mine softly at first, almost as if they were waiting for approval. I obliged, pressing my lips into his a bit harder, slowly parting my soft lips allowing his warm tongue to enter my mouth. Our tongues caressed one another as I found my hands traveling up and down his body. Our mouths parted as I removed his shirt, quickly tossing it aside. I began kissing and nibbling at his neck as he pressed his body into mine – I could feel his hard on pressing into me as I stood there, still with my blanket.

He led me to my own bed, positioning me on the center, by this time he had removed his pants so that all that remained were his boxers. I stared up at him, wondering what was to come, suddenly he ripped the blanket from around my body – he licked his lips as he looked down at my delicate body – I smirked up at him, “you’re perfect” he said just before leaning down, slowly he made his way down my body. He stopped first at my neck, kissing and nibbling softly, then licked his way down to my perky breast, taking hold of them, squeezing gently as he ran his tongue around my nipples, sucking softly prior to kissing his way down my stomach, practically sending chills of delight up my spine. He positioned himself on the floor before spreading my legs – revealing my tight, warm pussy. He continued teasing me by kissing and licking my inner thighs, I was glad that I had failed to put my undies on by this time for he would only tease me longer if I had. I found myself demanding, “lick my pussy… now,” as I bit my lip.

He was a good listener – he immediately started kissing my pussy’s lips and rubbing his fingers along them. I smiled with delight as he began running his tongue along my clit, sucking on it softly. I moaned as he furthered my pleasure, inserting his long, warm tongue into my pussy. He continued, licking my clit swiftly again, and even fingering my pussy in circular motions hard – I wanted to cum all over his face, instead I grabbed onto his hair and pulled him up to me. I kissed him passionately, enjoying the chance of tasting myself. I felt his hardness through his boxers pressing into me again, and I reached down rubbing the bulge, slowly I got to my knees.

I pulled his boxers off, quickly taking hold of his dick. Slowly, I began stroking his hard member – immediately beginning by flicking my tongue across and underneath its head. I continued by sliding my tongue along the sides of his cock before moving it into my mouth – I sucked and bobbed my head back and forth as he began thrusting his hips slightly, moaning from pleasure. I moved my hands up and down his chest as I began moving faster, even positioning the entire thing at the back of my throat before removing it from my mouth entirely.

I positioned myself onto the bed as he propped himself against the headboard of the bed. I found myself crawling into his lap – teasing him by hovering my pussy over his cock, rubbing myself against him hard as I whispered, “how bad do you want me?” into his ear. He grabbed onto my ass, and lowered me onto his dick; he demanded that I ride him... I moved my pussy up and down, slowly at first increasing my speed throughout, as he began thrusting his hips into me even harder. I moaned from the pleasure of having his rock solid member deep inside of me, “Mmm… baby, you’re amazing,” he said as he grabbed onto my hips lowering me down hard as he thrusted upward continually jamming himself into me, I couldn’t control myself, moaning loudly – I leaned forward to kiss and tug his lip as I came on his dick for the first time.

He then lifted me up, sliding his member out of me, he positioned me on my back, prior to standing up - afterwards he pulled me towards the edge of the bed. I wrapped my legs around him as he rammed his dick back inside of me. I pressed my hips into him as hard as I possibly could, gripping the sheets as he had his way with me – I could feel him beginning to throb inside of me, I moaned at the thought of tasting his cum. He pulled out, continuing to stroke his dick, as I got on all fours quickly. He moved back into me – he began by gripping and spanking my ass multiple times while I moved back and forth, grinding my ass into him the whole time. He moaned as he began to throb even more inside of me, quickly he pulled out, and demanded that I turn around. I smiled up at him, “cum for me babe,” he continued stroking his dick for a few moments before cumming all over my chest. He ended by pressing the tip of his dick against my lips, I tasted the cum before grabbing onto his member again as he played with my hair – I licked his dick clean until he went limp.

I cleaned his cum from my chest prior to lying down beside him, we looked at each other, tired yet fully satisfied. The room was very quiet until he finally spoke, “so, can I take you to dinner now?”

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