Saturday, February 13, 2010

How I got to have sex with my best friend's sister

One weekend I(18yo at the time) was babysitting my best friend's sister(12yo) at my apartment and we were talking in the living room and useing my computer. She accidently clicked on a porn site and says, "I saw my perents doing that (pointing at the screen) and I want to try it, becouse it looks fun". I said to her, "It's against the law for us to do what your perents where doing" and She says, "I will not tell anyone" So I took her into my bedroom and said to her, "Please take off all your clothes" (She was wear an outfit like the girl in this link.
She did a little stiptease(she saw her mom do it for her dad) for me and I took my clothes off.

I lifted her naked body on to the bed and lay her on her back and spread her legs up and apart. I got up on the bed and put my head between her legs and started to lick her hairless pussy. She loved it.(She moaned softly). After 10 minutes I said, "Now it's your turn to pleasure me". I lay beside her and put her hand on my dick, I showed her how to move her hand up and down my dick. After a while she got a hang of it and I took my hand away.

After about 3 minutes I ask her, "Would you like to suck it ?" and she said, "Yes I would, a lot of the girls at my school(she goes to an all girls private school) have done it." She then gave the head of my dick a kiss. (Oh, it felt awsome). I said, "Cover you teeth with your lips and suck my dick like a lolipop" and she sucked my dick(It felt really great). After 10 mins. I ask her, "Do you want to try sexual intercorse ?" and she said, "Yes, I would like to try it".

I put a condom (The condom helps my dick go in much easier) on my dick and I have her squat over my dick and I line my dick head up with her hairless pussy opening. I say to her, "push down sweety" and she trys to push her pussy on to my dick and said, "It won't go in" I grabbed onto her waist and said, "This might hurt a little at first sweety, but after a while you'll love it" and she said "Ok, go for it" and I pulled her down on to my dick. She cry a little at first, becouse she was a virgin and it hurt, After awhile she loved it. I fucked her for half-an-hour. After the sex we had a shower together and then we played games on my Xbox360. We spent the whole weekend together. We made love about 6 times that weekend.


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