Friday, February 19, 2010

Mommy Gives A Present to a Good Daddy

"Daddy" and His New Little Girl

I was relaxing in front of the television when the front door bell rang. My wife and I were not expecting anyone. I was already naked under my robe, ready for a little action later. She was soaking in a bath. I peeked through the eyehole and saw a girl standing on the doorstep. I pulled my robe tighter and opened the door immediately thinking she might need directions or to use the phone.

"May I help, young lady? Are you all right?" I asked looking past her. I didn't see a car in sight.

"I'm fine, sir. I'm here for you. Your wife sent me."

"My wife? Who brought you here?" I asked, puzzled.

"Yes sir. Katy dropped me off. Your wife said you might want to fuck me in the ass. You can have some pussy, too, if you want."

My dick went on immediate alert. Standing in front of me was a girl who looked to be about 15. She had thick, red curls pulled into a ponytail. She wore a little black jumper with a white tee shirt underneath, black tie up shoes and white knee-high socks. The girl was asking me to fuck her!

"Honey, honey, we have a visitor, " I called to my wife. She came out in the other half of our matching bathrobes. "This young lady has a story for you."

My wife came over, unbelted her robe and hugged the girl, pressing into her. Her hands went under the little dress to cup her naked ass. I watched them, fascinated, as they kissed deeply, their pussies straining toward each other. My dick was still tricking. What's going on here?

"Sweetheart, she's a surprise for you. Since I had the pleasure of enjoying her all afternoon in my office, I volunteered your dick for tonight. Just look at her. Don't you want to fuck her, honey? I guarantee you her pussy is prime but she said she likes to have a dick up her ass, too," she said stroking the girl's pussy.

My dick had sprung through an opening in my robe--all 9 inches. He was dripping and hungry for a tight hole.

"How old are you, honey," I asked. "You look like jailbait."

"As I told your wife, I just turned 18. You can fuck me all you want without getting in trouble. Your wife got off on fucking me because I look so young.

I looked at my wife as she drank in the sight of the girl. I could tell by her face that she was horny for her now. Yes--I'm sure she fucked her. I would like to have seen that. Her left hand cupped the girls pussy as we spoke.

"Were you in the office when I came today? My wife hurried me out. That was unusual. I wanted a nice nooner with her."

"Yes, sir. I was hiding in the bathroom. She was afraid you would smell my pussy all over her. She had to get rid of you quickly so that she could continue fucking me. Her mouth and her fingers were on my pussy the moment you left."

Looking down at my peeking erect cock, she asks, "Sir, would you like to fuck me now. Your thing is really beautiful."

My mind whirled, my dick throbbed and expanded. I was twice her age but I could fuck her up real nice. "Since my wife had you first today, I'll take first crack at you tonight. This boner needs release real bad." My wife undressed the girl for me as she felt her up. Then she released her for my pleasure.

I took off my robe revealing a hard, muscular body with a dick that seemed to have grown 2 inches. I walked to the girl, dipped my legs, and pressed into her from behind. I slid my dick under her pussy. I pumped lightly and felt her slide back and forth on me.

"Come on, little girl," I called to her. "It's time for some good dicking." I sat in a straight-backed chaired and looked at her. "Come sit on my lap, baby."

Gloriously naked, the teenager moved directly to my waiting dick. She sat in my lap, wound her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. A shudder of pleasure ran through me as my dick pressed on her stomach. This was going to be good, I thought, as I sucked on a tit.

"Fuck me, Daddy," she said softly in her tiny little girl voice.

I groaned out loud as she slid onto my dick. She was good and wet from my wife's fingers. She slid up to the hilt and squeezed me. I was in fucking heaven with her tight little pussy screwing my dick. I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her down as I pushed up into her. She moaned softly. All nine inches of my hot meat was locked in tight in that baby girl's sweet pussy. Fantasy time.

"Do you still like my dick, baby? Daddy loves your tight pussy. Do you remember when I popped your cherry the very first time? Now that was some good pussy, too. You wouldn't release my dick when I got in all the way. Fuck me like you did then, sweetheart." I stepped further into the fantasy. She picked up her tempo and rammed her pussy onto my cock until I lost my wad. "So good, honey. So good. You still fuck your daddy real good. I love to cum in you, baby girl." My wife watched the action at the chair as she fingered her own pussy. Later, I would have to thank her properly for my present.

The girl eased her pussy off me and slid down until her head was in my lap. "Oh yes, Daddy. I do remember the first time you first fucked me. You said you were afraid some boy would take what was rightfully yours. You gave Mommy a sleeping pill and slipped into my room and had your way with me. You fucked me so many times that night that I could hardly walk the next day."

"I remember, baby. You tried to get away and I kept pulling you back. Daddy made sure you weren't hot for another slice of dick."

The girl examined my cock. "Has your dick gotten bigger, Daddy? How did all of that meat get in my little pussy? And look at the tiny globs of white stuff on your dick. Can I lick it off?" she teased. I was rock hard as my sweet baby girl licked her daddy's precum clean and sucked it down her hot throat. "It tastes salty, Daddy."

I pulled her up and jammed my tongue in her mouth. I got hard again and was ready for more of my new family member. I was aiming for a nice piece of ass. I positioned her on the low coffee table on all fours. She presented her cute little ass to me.

"You and your wife have a thing for young girls like me, don't you?"

I looked at my wife who shrugged and smiled lustily. On my instructions, she sat at the end of the table to kiss the girl, grope her breasts and anchor her steady for my dicking. Looking down at my wife working the girl brought an extra measure of excitement. I told her to stay away from the girl's clit. I wanted to make her cum with just my dick.

I spread her cheeks to reveal her tight asshole. "Daddy's going to fuck you in here, sweetheart," I said as I pushed my pinky finger into her stink hole. We were back in the game.

She shuddered hard. "Your dick is way too big, Daddy. How can it possibly fit in there?"

"Daddy will stretch you and make it fit. I'm sorry, but you'll have to take it. You've been a bad girl. Daddy has to punish you. You should have introduced yourself to me at the office." I said as my dick slowly pressed at her asshole.

"I'm so sorry, Daddy. Just spank me. Please don't fuck me in my ass. It will hurt so bad. You can have my pussy again, Daddy. You like to put your dick in my pussy so much. Please, Daddy, please take it now!"

I'm on fire as a bring a hand down and paddle her butt. She whines and moans out loud as my hand makes contact with her flesh. One, two three, four. I liked whipping that ass. Five, six.

"Thank you, Daddy," she cried. "Can I go now?"

"No, sweetheart, the spanking in not enough. I still have to put my dick in your ass. There's a lesson to be learned here young lady. You embarrassed me. The original punishment still stands and it will make your daddy feel less angry at you when you take it all in. Don't you want to help me love you again?" I dip my dick in her wet pussy and push forward directly into her tiny little asshole.

"Please love me again, Daddy. I'll just die if you don't love me. Please just don't hurt me," she groans as I slowly slide forward and readied my cock for full entry into her pristine young butthole.

My dick was met with resistance after my head pushed in. "Goddamn it, let your daddy in there, you little bitch!"

"Daddy, I'll promise I'll be good! She screamed in tears. Please! Your dick is way too big! Oooh, Daddy, it hurts so bad."

I was over the moon in this fantasy. Slap. Slap. "Punishment should hurt or it does no good young lady. Now let your daddy fuck you in your poop-hole. Don't make me any angrier, sweetheart." Slap. Slap. Suddenly, her anal cavity released and I slowly slid in to the hilt. I fucked her teen ass very slowly, savoring the tightness of it around my huge cock. "Move your ass, baby. That's it. Fuck your daddy--nice and slow, baby. Oh yes, baby. Daddy's anger is leaving right now. Screw your daddy's big dick. Just like you do when I'm inside your pussy. That's it. That's it. You're so tight, baby. Keep fucking your daddy. Just like that, baby. It feels so good in my baby's girls ass. Milk it just a little bit more. Daddy needs to put his white stuff inside you and all of that anger will be gone. I promise I will always still love you, sweetheart."

I watch her sweet little ass rotate on my cock as I go out of my mind. As I am pumping, I look down at my wife and whisper, "Thank you, honey," as I fuck our little girl.

I continue to fuck her ass in earnest with long, hard strokes--over and over and over again. I feel her squeeze me in her ass as she cums repeatedly. She is screaming with her pleasure. Daddy's little girl was certainly built for good ass-dicking.

"Daddy, you made me scream. I didn't know I could cum with your dick in my ass. You like fucking me in my little asshole don't you, Daddy?" she groans as she continues to slide on my dick. "Is this how all good girls are punished? Is this how they show that they love their special daddies?"

"Yes, baby, they should. Only the lucky daddies feel this kind of love. You're my very special girl. You're taking your punishment so well," I tell her, still humping her dialated young ass. "And you're making your daddy feel very loved."

"Keep fucking me, Daddy. It doesn't hurt anymore at all. Your dick feels so good in there. I'm such a good girl now, aren't I, Daddy? You made a good girl out of me with your big dick in my tiny little asshole. I love you, Daddy."

I went insane. I rammed her little ass up to the hilt as my wife held her steady. I fucked her ass like a mad man as I started over and over in her. "Oh, oh, oh, baby girl. Fuck, sweetheart, your ass is too good. The white stuff is coming now, baby. It's coming to you as a reward." I pulled out my cock and shot what was left of an anal flavored load all over the teenagers face while my wife watched and guided her mouth to my semen covered cock, making sure she cleaned up her own ass juices off my penis with her young mouth.

She was still in the game. "I can still feel your white stuff deep in my poopie hole. It was so hot, Daddy. You can fuck me in there anytime even when I'm not a bad girl. Ok, Daddy? Mommy sucks me and Daddy fucks me. My mommy and daddy love me the best of anyone in the whole world," she said so happily in her little girl voice. Overcome with sheer lust, my wife tongued her new 'daughter' deeply.

"Holy god , baby girl," I groaned as my dick ballooned inside her ass. I began to pound her ass again as the leftover cum slid from her pussy and her butthole onto the coffee table.

I could see why my wife was so enchanted with that woman. She's a damn fine piece of tight ass. And we have the whole night on video!

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