Friday, February 5, 2010

A hot fuck

We were both horny so I shaved(including my pubic hair). In cased she wanted to fuck me with the strap on I used a Fleet enema before I showered. DW then showered and asked me to watch her trim her pubic hair. Her exposed lips were so hot looking.

We lay our toy collection out on the bed as well as some of our DVD collection. I took a 6 inch by 1.25 inch dildo and attached it to our harness while she was selecting a DVD to watch. She selected an interracial DVD(When Black Things Cum in White Packages)-really well done DVD. The scene we began watching had two black guys and a good looking white gal.

We began our foreplay with mutual masturbation. We both use Wet Original as a lube. It is so hot to watch her masturbate. When she saw the two hard, black dicks she reached for our realistic black dildo. After lubeing it she thrust it deep in her pussy and talked about getting fucked with a black dick. It was so hot watching the dildo go in and out of her pussy. When she was about to cum she withdrew the dildo so I could go down on her as she sucked the dildo. I licked her clit and tonged her pussy as she started cumming. Then deep kisses sharing her juices with her.

She put on the strap on and rubbed lube on the dildo and talked dirty about her dick. It is so hot to see her wearing the strap on, but then she said I will fuck you next time. When she saw the two black guys doing DP I want your dick inside me now so she took off the strap on as I put my dick deep inside her. We were both so hot. It wasn't long until I filled her with cum. She had another wild orgasm. i with drew my dick and licked the cum and juices off of her pussy. She loves deep kisses sharing cum and her juices with her.

Then we told each other what a great fuck that was and how much we loved each other and then off to sleep no longer horny.

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