Friday, February 5, 2010

Sister in Law

Every week my partner and myself go to see my divorced sister-in-law as I call her and she teeses me all the time. Last time we went I was hot for sex as I had not had it with my partner that day. My sister-in-law always dreses really sexy, this time she had on a blouse which revealed most of her tits except the nipples, and a short denim skirt. Sometimes she would let me see someway up her bare legs and I could catch a glimse of her tiny navy blue knickers.
I had such a hard on by that time that I would need to go for a wank in her toilet. My partner could see the bulg in my pants, you could see the outline of my bell end.

I got up and ran to the toilet, took down my trousers and began to wank. I had not shut the door and to my suprise my sister-in-law came in. "like a hand" she said, and stood behind me and took hold of my cock. She began to wank me and it felt real good, she knew exactly what to do. I was soon spurting my cum all over the toilet.

When I came out my partner wanted to know what I had been up to. "I want you now" she said, and started to rub herself against my arse. I slipped my hand down the back of her jeans and found her arsehole, and in no time it slipped in. My partner was pumping away like crazy, I could feel her hot wet pussy against me and then she came, gaspping and moaning until she had finnished. My sister-in-law re appered I think she had been having some fun of her own in the toilet.

What a day!!

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