Friday, February 5, 2010

Lust In The Kitchen

It was the weekend and Sarah end Pete were home, relaxing.

Pete was in the kitchen making himself a drink. Sarah meanwhile was prowling aimlessly around the lounge. She was wearing a vest and with her bra underneath and a thong under her shorts, the reason for her unrest she was feeling very horny.

Sarah wandered into the kitchen and and stared at Pete, standing with his back facing towards her, sexy as always in his t-shirt and shorts. She snuggled up to him from behind and wrapping her arms around his waist, pulling him closely towards her, feeling enjoying him being so close.

Sarah moved her hands under Pete's t-shirt, her fingers wandering everywhere, feeling his warm body; slowly she started moving them down slipping under his waistband to touch his cock. Her body tight against his, squashing her breasts against his back, smelling him through his t-shirt, feeling his closeness. Sarah could feel his cock grow very slowly, getting harder.

Drawing a deep breath Pete turn around and took hold of Sarah's head with his hands, placing a passionate kiss on her lips at the same time her hands are gently stroking his swelling cock, feeling it growing harder and harder. You’re so sexy, Pete.. she whispered.

Sarah pushed Pete's shorts down, exposing his hard cock shivering with delight as her lover started kissing down her neck, leaving a trace of saliva on her hot skin. Strong hands slid down to Sraah's slim waist to pull her vest up, but still leaving her bra on. Pete gently lifts Sarah up and lowing her on the kitchen worktop. Sarah's legs open instantly, knowing what’s coming. her throbbing pussy is soaking wet Pete can see her wetness through her shorts.

Lifting her bum up gently Pete slides Sarah's shorts off taking her tiny thong too, exposing her pink smooth pussy; dripping wet with juices leaking out. Sarah leans backwards as Pete kiss' his way down her body, lost in ecstasy as his tongue flicks across each of her hard nipples, going lower and lower... Sarah moans with pleasure. She can feel his hot soft kisses on her stomach as she draws her feet up on the worktop, opening her pussy even more, so Pete can eat her whole.

Stroking her thigh with one hand, stroking his hard cock with the other gently kissing Sarah's swollen clit, flicking his wet tongue around it pushing his head between her open legs, licking her swollen lips and clit. Unable to stop herself Sarah's moans become louder and louder, licking her lips, enjoying every second of it.

Gasping Sarah can feel Pete's hot tongue inside her aching pussy licking and flicking, tasting, she can almost feel Pete stroking and rubbing his hard cock with his hand... feeling his tongue on her clit between her lips again, licking around it, making her almost scream with pleasure. Sarah was so close to orgasm, clitoral this time, mmm love it, Pete.... So excited, feeling the waves of pure pleasure as she was about to cum. Leaning even further back and open her legs even more for as Pete continued to eat her spasming pussy.

Pete pushed hard against flicking, probing, eating, licking Sarah as she grabbed his head and press it even harder on her clit, screaming and moaning with pleasure, feeling shivers going through my body as I orgasm.

"Oh yes Pete, oh yes, I love it, mmm.".

Pete stood up and place long lingering kiss on Sarah's lips, she could still taste her own sweet juices straight from his soft lips.

Sarah slid of the work top grasping Pete's rock hard cock, stroking it with one hand and massaging his swollen balls with the other. It feels so good that she just want to lick it and suck it until he came.

Pete closed his eyes as she pulled away and knelt in front of him, still stroking the shaft of his cock, holding eye contact as she placed the tip of his cock in her mouth, wrapping her hot lips around it and gently sucking just the tip for now.

Sarah's tongue is flicking around it very gently, tasting Pete's pre-cum, hearing him moan as she starts stroking the base of his cock with one hand and sucking his engorged cock faster, moving it between her lips that are wrapped tightly around it. Deeper and deeper into her mouth, making it wet with her saliva; withdrawing it from her mouth from time to time to gently suck and lick his balls.

Pete lets out gentle and soft moans out, lost in the rythem of the gentle rubbing of Sarah's hand on his shaft, firm fast hand movement and gently rotating Sarah can feel his heart beating faster, knowing he close to cumming.

Sucking and licking harder deeper and faster Pete playing with her hair and pushing her head closer onto his cock, so deep that the tip is touching the end of her mouth. She loved to suck Pete's cock, so nice tasting, licking off every little bit of his juices.

Sarah locked her lips even harder on his jerking cock, squeezing it, moving her hand faster and faster, not hurting, just being very gentle at the same time; her tongue licking the tip of his cock very gently. Then feeling the stream of sperm in her mouth as he cum hard, moaning and fucking her mouth now gently, she carried on sucking and licking his cock, lapping up every last bit of his juices.

Pete collapsed against the kitchen units spent but satisfied

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